Rusevs Return to SmackDown Live Continues to Be Delayed

Rusev To Make In-Ring Return During ‘SmackDown’ Live Events This Weekend, Could Reveal Upcoming Creative Plans

The Bulgarian Brute has been waiting to return to WWE television for a couple of weeks, but Rusev’s debut has been delayed more than once. After recovering from shoulder surgery and missing Wrestlemania 33, he was rumored to make his return during WWE Money in the Bank. When that didn’t happen, the next rumor was a return during this week’s edition of SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, Rusev was delayed once again.

It’s being reported that creative plans are the reason why WWE officials haven’t brought him back to WWE television yet, but they are finding a place for him. Recently, he has been knocking on the door of the WWE Title picture for the first time in his career, but Jinder Mahal’s title reign will likely keep him out of the title hunt for a while. However, The Bulgarian Brute is at least expected to make his in-ring return this weekend.

Over the weekend, Rusev will make his return to the ring during SmackDown Live’s house shows. Rusev is expected to challenge Kevin Owens for the United States Championship in a Threat Threat match between them and Mojo Rawley. As a result, there is some speculation about him getting back into the US Title hunt.

Rusev Will Reenter the US Title Hunt
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Over his WWE career, The Bulgarian Brute has had two different runs with the United States Title that were both extremely successful. The first eventually led to a huge rivalry with John Cena at WrestleMania 31, and the second reign put him in a brutal feud with Roman Reigns last year. The WWE Universe thought that his history as a midcard champion would allow him to enter the WWE Title hunt for the first time in his career.

Unfortunately, Jinder Mahal’s push into the main event and the rivalry with Randy Orton will continue into WWE Battleground. On paper, that means Rusev may not enter the WWE Title picture until much later this year. The WWE Universe was shocked by Mahal’s shocking WWE Title win, but officials were planning for Rusev to feud with Randy Orton over the championship first before his injury canceled those creative plans.

Rusev Will Get a Huge Push on SmackDown
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Clearly, WWE officials are strongly considering elevating The Bulgarian Brute to the next level of the WWE ladder on SmackDown Live. It just seems that it’ll be some time before Rusev can actually take the next step to the main event. However, WWE officials are likely to keep him busy in the midcard for the time being. He has always done great work as a heel, so it will be interesting to see how he’s utilized on SmackDown Live.

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