'Bachelor In Paradise': DeMario Jackson Reportedly 'Done' With 'BiP', Seeing Therapist Due To Anxiety

‘Bachelor In Paradise’: DeMario Jackson Reportedly ‘Done’ With ‘BiP’, Seeing Therapist Due To Anxiety

It’s been confirmed that the show must go on for Bachelor in Paradise. But DeMario Jackson reportedly won’t be a part of it anymore, as he deals with the fallout of having his name sullied in a sex scandal that had him alleged of misconduct against a fellow cast member.

As reported by Variety earlier this week, Bachelor in Paradise will resume production after internal investigations revealed that there was no misconduct involving cast members DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. This has led to reformed rules of conduct for participants, but even with the changes in place, it appears that Jackson doesn’t want any more of the BiP experience, even if the show’s producers seem willing to welcome him back with open arms. This comes not long after a Hollywood Life report claimed DeMario was still “interested” in returning if invited back.

Speaking to TMZ, sources familiar with the situation now suggest that even with production resuming on Bachelor in Paradise, DeMario Jackson is choosing not to return. It was claimed that DeMario has been seeing a therapist due to anxiety he had suffered over the BiP misconduct scandal. Additionally, Jackson has concerns that his name will always be associated with the incident that had nearly canceled the ABC reality dating show’s fourth season.

“He’s upset because his name will now forever be linked to a sex scandal, even though Warner Bros. essentially concluded he did nothing wrong.”

Some of TMZ‘s sources noted that Bachelor in Paradise producers spoke to Jackson through his lawyer to extend the invitation to return, only for him to reject the invite due to the above-mentioned circumstances. But the publication added that other sources are claiming the opposite; there has been no invitation sent out to Jackson, and producers have yet to decide on whether he should return to the show or not.

After Bachelor in Paradise, what’s next for DeMario Jackson? According to TMZ, the 30-year-old Jackson, who was originally part of the current season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay, now plans to work as an on-air personality, and doesn’t plan to return to reality television going forward.

As for the other party in the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct scandal, Corinne Olympios, TMZ‘s sources added that there’s a good chance Corinne won’t be invited back to the show, and may not appear on any other show under the Bachelor umbrella.

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