Suits actress Meghan Markle at an event.

‘Suits’ Star Meghan Markle Has Changed As A Person After She Began Dating Prince Harry

Meghan Markle has reportedly made certain changes to her personality since she started dating Prince Harry. The Suits star is no longer speaking or dressing like her pre-royal-girlfriend days, according to actress Kathryn Drysdale, who is playing the 35-year-old American actress on Channel 4’s show The Windsors.

The British satirical comedy The Windsors is a parody of the British royal family, and it often features scandalous storylines that revolve around the royal family members. And Kathryn Drysdale has been cast to play the latest addition to the royal family, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, in Series 2 of the show. Richard Goulding plays Prince Harry, the illiterate and naive character who loves partying.

And as the actress playing Meghan Markle, Kathryn Drysdale noted in an interview given to Channel 4 that the Suits actress had toned down her Californian accent and her style of dressing was now more sober.

Kathryn Drysdale reportedly studied Meghan Markle extensively while preparing for her role. She said that the actress, who is originally from California, was now speaking in a soft accent.

The real life Meghan Markle is from L.A. and she’s toned down the whole Californian accent, I think – especially now she’s dating Prince Harry, and her clothes are kind of muted down, and her accent is soft.

The British actress also found Meghan Markle’s Instagram profile “very interesting.” The actress, who began dating Prince Harry in summer of last year, is no longer active on Instagram. She last posted in April to inform that she was closing down her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

On The Windsors, Kathryn Drysdale’s Meghan Markle is “slightly less tame” than the real-life version. Also, her character is still very L.A., according to the actress. Moreover, Meghan Markle of The Windsors dresses for the L.A. weather.

Kathryn Drysdale said that her character had not yet got used to being in the royal palaces in the cold, wet England.

The Windsors’ Meghan Markle dresses for L.A. She’s not quite adjusted to being in these royal palaces in a cold and wet England yet. But we’ll see what the future holds for her.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle was recently spotted wearing a gold diamond ring on her thumb. Prince Harry reportedly gave her the thumb band. The Daily Mail reported, quoting a source, that Prince Harry gave the ring to the Suits actress last month. She reportedly only takes off the ring during the filming of her scenes for Suits, where she plays Rachel Zane, the girlfriend of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams).

There are rumors swirling that Prince Harry would propose to Meghan Markle by the end of the year, or most probably during the couple’s African safari in October.

Meghan Markle is currently busy filming and promoting Suits Season 7, which premieres on July 12 on USA Network.

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