Duchess takes interest in Ainslie once more?

Kate Middleton Takes Interest In Other Man And Catches A Falling Countess

Kate Middleton has been doing her part more than ever as the Duchess of Cambridge and wife to the future king of England, Prince William. Once known as “lazy Kate” and regarded as being all looks and little substance, Middleton has proven the naysayers wrong by involving herself in more charitable endeavors and speaking more confidently at numerous events at which she attends.

Kate has done wonderful work to draw attention to the support that is needed for those suffering from mental illness. She, Prince William and Prince Harry have even initiated the Heads Together campaign, which seeks to eradicate any negative stigma surrounding mental issues.

In addition, Kate has begun to take on new duties from the ageing queen and Prince Phillip. Most recently Middleton has appeared for the 1851 Trust and charity event that’s associated with America’s top cup race and showcases Sir Ben Ainslie. Of course the gossip publications are wondering as to why the duchess had been taking a break, but so willing to jump to service when it involved the handsome sailor.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry has ignited the rumor that Kate was motivated to attend the event, but was a bit less enthused when she realized Ainslie would only be appearing digitally. Kate did, however, get to chat with Ben, as the publication notes.

“The two got to interact via video. Kate Middleton told Sir Ben Ainslie that she and Prince William were ‘glued’ to their televisions when they watched Team Britain ‘crash out in the semi-finals.'”

Kate has also admitted that she has begun to take more of an interest in the sport. Perhaps Ben has something to do with this.

On another note, Middleton had something to do with saving a countess from taking a full tumble when she made an appearance at the Royal Ascot’s opening day. Garbed in a lovely white lace ensemble by Alexander McQueen, the duchess was on duty when she and Prince William set off to take a carriage ride with his aunt and uncle. Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, hopped into the carriage and the countess nearly fell on Kate, before the duchess reached out to catch her and break the royal’s fall. Vogue notes the most memorable scene from the elegant event.

“In a moment of good reflexes, Middleton caught her aunt-in-law, with both women immediately sharing a good laugh. Proof, perhaps, that Kate Middleton really is a normal, good-natured person.”

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]