Backstage News Regarding Elias Sampsons Push

Reason Why Vince McMahon Is High On Elias Sampson Revealed, Why He’s Feuding With Finn Balor

Elias Sampson has emerged on Raw as one of the most interesting midcard heels. His run in NXT derailed after he suffered a leg injury, but WWE officials saw enough from him to give him a spot on the main roster during the “Superstar Shakeup” after WrestleMania 33. Apparently, Vince McMahon is said to be extremely high on “The Drifter,” which will significantly influence his push on WWE programming going forward.

It’s being reported that Vince McMahon loves the heat that Elias Sampson gets from the WWE fans during his guitar segments. Sampson is being given a bit of creative freedom during these promos. Thus far, he has been given some basic direction and is told to just continue feeding off the crowd until officials decide to end the segment. The idea is to listen to the fans’ reaction and get the perfect amount of heat on Elias Sampson.

On paper, it’s a wonderful idea for WWE officials to just set Elias Sampson in the ring and see how long the segment can go. The creative freedom he’s being given is a rarity, so he’s likely going to make the most of the opportunity to have that freedom. It can create organic reactions from the WWE Universe, which is likely to get Sampson over as a heel the longer the segments are successful. He’s also just begun an interesting feud.

Finn Balor Has Started A Feud With Elias Sampson Heading Into WWE Great Balls of Fire
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This week on Raw, Finn Balor interrupted his segment. He defeated Bo Dallas in a singles match afterward, but Balor was attacked by Sampson backstage. Not only will “The Drifter” have the guitar segments to work the crowd, but a rivalry with Finn Balor should get him more heat and show off his skills in the ring heading into the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV. It’s not confirmed yet, but Balor vs. Sampson should be on the card.

WWE Officials Are Watching Elias Sampsons Progress Carefully
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The WWE Universe is still trying to figure out Sampson’s character, but his guitar segments are working at the moment. Thus far, he’s worked with Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor. His in-ring skills will be showcased as well. If the WWE Universe buys into the character and he begins getting strong genuine heat, Sampson’s stock in the company could rise over the summer. Out of nowhere, “The Drifter” could become a huge star.

For the immediate future, Vince McMahon is a fan of what Elias Sampson is doing. Over the coming weeks, the WWE Universe will determine how strong his push is on WWE television. As of this writing, Sampson’s future looks very bright. The only question is how quickly the WWE Universe will embrace his gimmick?

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