Lindsey Jarvis Pictures: Social Media Photos, Smiling Mugshot Go Viral After Teacher Accused Of Sex With Stude

Lindsey Jarvis Pictures: See Viral Social Media Photos, Smiling Mugshot Of Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student

Lindsey Jarvis is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student, and now pictures of the 27-year-old teacher — including her smiling mugshot — are going viral online.

Jarvis is accused of having sex with the teen while she worked at Woodford County Middle School in Kentucky, with the relationship allegedly starting in May of last year. As the New York Post noted, Jarvis was arrested after the victim claimed he slept with the teacher and showed evidence on his cell phone that the two were in a romantic relationship.

It was not exactly clear what school the victim attended. The report noted that Jarvis left Woodford at the end of the last year and had been working as a teacher’s aide at Veterans Park Elementary School. Some reports noted that the victim was a former student, which would better explain the age difference for the teacher who appeared to work primarily with younger students.

Lindsey Jarvis is accused of rape, sodomy, and unlawful transaction with a minor. Police said they were also exploring the possibility that the teacher and her alleged victim had sex in more than one county, which could widen the investigation.

“It’s possible that the unlawful transactions happened to two separate counties,” Detective Steve Sparkman with the Versailles Police Department told WTVQ.

Lindsey Jarvis appeared in the Fayette County Courthouse in a preliminary hearing, with her husband Andrew by her side.

While the somewhat strange circumstances of the case have helped gain international attention, so too have the pictures of Lindsey Jarvis circulating online. The 27-year-old was seen on social media alongside her husband, with the two appearing to be a happy couple.

And Lindsey Jarvis also sported a smile in her police mugshot, helping that photo to go viral as well.

More photos of Lindsey Jarvis can be seen here.

The school district has responded to reports of Jarvis’ arrest, noting that she had been placed on administrative leave while the court case was playing out.

“While we cannot comment on individual personnel issues, we can assure families and community members that we are aware of the matter. Our personnel protocols in a case like this would call for placing an employee on administrative leave pending resolution,” said school spokesperson Lisa Deffendall (via WKTY).

Lindsey Jarvis has pleaded not guilty to the charges that she slept with her 16-year-old student.

[Featured Image by Lexington Police Department]