Jim Cornette suspended above the ring in a cage

Look At This Restraining Order That Vince Russo Issued Jim Cornette

The real-life heat between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette continues to boil. For years, Cornette has been very vocal of his hatred of Russo and does not hesitate to express it during interviews and his podcasts. The level of disdain that Cornette has for Russo is borderline obsessive, as he has even called him out on a fight and threatened to run him over with his car. Cornette ended a podcast spewing fiery words to Russo, laced with threats.

Cornette told Russo that “he wish he would die,” and “if he could get away with murder and not go to jail he would.” He was very forward of the fact that he hates Russo more than anything in the world. He feels Russo is toxic to the business and has caused pro wrestling to be where it is now. He ended his tirade challenging Russo to a legitimate fight, stating that no guns, knives, or police officers will be included, and the reward would be $5,000. In addition, Cornette said disparaging words about Russo’s wife and parents in order to entice him to accept the challenge.

Russo sent out a video issuing an “apology” to Cornette, stating that he apologizes for Cornette blowing out both of his knees after falling off of the scaffold because he is a “mark who didn’t know how to take a bump,” putting Smokey Mountain Wrestling out of business, and getting fired for Ring of Honor for an emotional and public outburst. Russo also stated that he “apologizes” for Cornette getting fired from the WWE for assaulting another employee (Santino Marella).

As a result of all the heated back-and-forth exchanges starting to feel dangerous, Russo has filed a restraining order prohibiting Cornette from being near him. The restraining order was publicly posted by Cornette.

Feeling threatened from Cornette’s remarks, Russo felt as if it was the safest decision to build a legal halo between the two. Cornette admitted during his response that he did leave a voicemail to Russo and threatened to hurt him.

He also stated that he has “something to give” Russo and that he is “never gonna see this coming.” As a result of his previous videos, combined with these ominous statements, there will not be any physical confrontation and Russo feels that protecting the safety of him and his family are much more important.

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