Bachelor in paradise corinne olympios boyfriend standing by her side through sexual assault investigation

Corinne Olympios’ Boyfriend Won’t Dump Her After ‘BIP’ Sexual Assault Scandal — Doesn’t Think She Cheated

Bachelor In Paradise star Corinne Olympios’ boyfriend is not planning on dumping her after the sexual assault scandal. Jordan Gielchinsky has made it clear that he does not believe Corinne cheated and he is standing by her side as her lawyers continue with the investigation into the alleged incident, despite the fact that Warner Bros. cleared DeMario Jackson of all allegations.

The pool incident doesn’t count as cheating?

Corinne Olympios’ boyfriend, Jordan Gielchinsky, does not believe that she cheated on him during her time on Bachelor In Paradise in Mexico and is standing by her side throughout this difficult time, TMZ reported.

After a producer filed a complaint suggesting that Olympios had been too intoxicated to consent to sexual acts in the pool with DeMario Jackson, production for the ABC reality series was abruptly halted and an investigation was launched.

Since that time, Corinne has pinned herself as a “victim” of the whole situation, saying she suffered both physical and emotional trauma that night.

Despite the Warner Bros. investigation findings clearing DeMario of the alleged assault, Jordan still believes that Corinne was in a blackout state and was unable to consent to the sexual acts that occurred that evening.

Did Warner Bros. clear DeMario just to continue production?

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The Bachelor In Paradise star’s boyfriend claimed to have spoken to several other cast members who allegedly backed up Corinne’s story.

Gielchinsky reportedly thinks that Warner Bros. cleared DeMario so quickly so that they could continue with production of the popular reality show.

However, multiple reports have claimed that witnesses who viewed the footage of the alleged sexual assault incident in the pool say that Corinne seemed to be fully engaged and at no time did she seem out of it.

Castmates like Jasmine Goode has also spoken out saying that Olympios was drunk and hitting on multiple guys that evening.

Corinne’s Paradise deal with her boyfriend

TMZ reported that Corinne made a deal with her boyfriend Jordan before going on the reality dating competition series — she wouldn’t have sex with anyone on the show.

Gielchinsky allegedly believes the swimming pool incident doesn’t count because she was blackout drunk.

Corinne’s boyfriend also claimed that her lawyer has not been able to see the footage of the incident that DeMario’s attorney was shown.

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Sources say that Warner Bros. won’t share the footage with Olympios and her legal team because she has threatened to sue.

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Are you surprised that Corinne Olympios’ boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky isn’t breaking up with her after the incident on Bachelor In Paradise with DeMario Jackson was determined not to be sexual assault?

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