Mike and Maria Kanellis Have Finally Made Their WWE Debuts Together

Real Reason Why Mike Bennett Changed His Name To ‘Mike Kanellis,’ Impact It’ll Have On Maria Kanellis Revealed

At WWE Money in the Bank, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett finally made their debut on WWE television after several months of speculation. However, their on-screen personas are not exactly what many wrestling fans had in mind when it was confirmed that they had signed with the company. The most important detail that has been a hot topic for WWE fans is Mike Bennett changing his name to “Mike Kanellis” for WWE TV.

JBL said sarcastically that, “He took her last name.” The WWE Universe has been speculating about Mike’s name change over the past few days, and feminism has come into the conversation. However, many people thought Mike becoming Mike Kanellis was just a way to get him over since WWE fans are familiar with Maria already. That’s a good reason, but it’s being said that the change doesn’t have to do with Mike Bennett at all.

It’s being discussed that the real reason why Mike Bennett changed his name to Mike Kanellis has to do with getting Maria over with the WWE Universe. The idea is for the WWE Universe to consider her to be the one with the power in their relationship and establish her as a dominating character on SmackDown Live. Over the next couple of weeks, WWE officials are looking to push this narrative going forward on the blue brand.

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It’s been reported that Maria Kanellis isn’t under an active wrestler contract with WWE, so her role will be a valet for her husband on WWE television. Mike Kanellis is signed to a normal active wrestler deal, so he will be wrestling sooner rather than later. WWE officials may wait until WWE Battleground to give the fans his first match on SmackDown Live, but his in-ring debut could easily be booked over the next couple of weeks.

Mike Bennett Changed His Name to Put Over Maria Kanellis
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There is speculation that Maria and Mike Kanellis debuting on WWE television this week may have been part of the plan since WWE officials are also working on splitting up The Miz and Maryse. It’s unconfirmed that is the reason for their split, but that will make it easier for the WWE Universe to not make comparisons between the two couples going forward. That means there are big plans for Mike and Maria Kanellis coming.

Unfortunately, this week’s edition of SmackDown Live didn’t feature Maria and Mike Kanellis on camera. It will be another week before they make their appearance for the blue brand, but their “Power of Love” angle should get them heated once they enter into a real feud soon. There is a lot of potential for them to succeed, so the name change is something the WWE Universe will have to get used to after they have settled onto television.

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