Crystal Workman

Ariel Winter’s Sister Reveals Drug Use

Looks like the battle for Ariel Winter’s custody is going to be a long, drawn out, and scandalous ride. Winter, who temporarily lives with her older sister Shanelle Gray, is currently in a battle with her mother concerning her own conservator-ship.

Winter’s mother Crystal Workman is doing everything in her power to protect her image from the abuse claims Winter has made against her. It was just the other day that Workman was ready to release risqué photos of Winter to prove she’s not as innocent as she looks. Now it looks as though Workman is making her first move in destroying a second child with claims of drug abuse.

The temporary guardian of Ariel Winter, Shanelle Gray, is being taken up to task by her own mother in order to prove that she’s not a stable figure or a reliable source. For the most part, Gray has backed her little sister’s claims of physical and verbal abuse.

In November, PEOPLE magazine caught up with Winter’s lawyer, Amir Pichavi, concerning her current state with Shanelle:

“Ariel is doing well and she has a lot of people who are loving her and supporting her at this time, and I’m pretty confident that she’ll fare well through all of this.”

Gray, who gave a deposition to lawyers last week, admitted to trying cocaine only once and hating it due to it making her ill. She also admitted to a DUI but later said the judge threw out the case due to her blood alcohol content being too low to qualify for action.

It seems as though Crystal Workman will have to find another angle to gain back custody of the Modern Family actress.