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Male Model Who Allegedly Raped ‘Wrong’ Sleeping Woman Offered An Immediate Apology

A last-minute change in sleeping accommodations for two women in New York City reportedly led to a male model being accused of rape by the housemate of the woman he actually meant to bed that evening.

Astoria, Queens resident Henry Romero, 30, was booked on charges related to the supposed March 21 sexual assault of the victim back in April of this year after Romero reportedly first met the accuser through a friend of the woman that he was dating at the time.

Speaking to the New York Post about the alleged incident, the apparent true object of the male model’s affections described to journalists that she heard Romero enter her bedroom that night, where the accused rape victim had fallen asleep unbeknownst to him, from another corner of the apartment where she had been forced to rest her head after the tired roommate called “dibs” on the woman’s bed.

“He went into my room, thinking [that] it was me [in there]!,” Romero’s romantic interest explained to the Post.

“I heard her say, ‘Get off me! Get off me!’ and then he said, ‘I’m sorry! I thought you were [the other woman]!'”

According to the woman who Romero dated, the male model, signed to the Abrams Artists Agency in Manhattan, first linked up with the two women and a handful of their male friends at a gay bar in Midtown the night before the assault on March 20, where things instantly went astray between the model and his potential love interest due to Romero’s seemingly demanding ways.

“He [told me], ‘I want you to dance for me, that’s why I brought you here,'” the woman said about Romero’s alleged attitude that night.

“The way he said it [to me, it] was just weird.”

Nonetheless, the model’s date still took some form of pity on Romero when she invited him to sleep off the alcohol he consumed at her home in Hell’s Kitchen where she also previously allowed the rape accuser, a guest from another country, to bunk for a few days with her as a temporary roommate.

male model rape
A male model accused of the rape of a New York woman’s roommate made amends to the victim once he realized she wasn’t his intended “target.” [Image by Evgeny Sergeev/iStock]

At around 6 a.m. the following morning, the woman said she woke up to hear her female guest screaming at the top of lungs at Romero for “kissing her neck” and engaging intercourse with her as she slept, which Romero claimed was a complete “accident” as he believed the sleeping roommate was his date from the night before.

“What do you mean [it was an accident]? She’s blond and I have black hair!,” she was noted as retorting to Romero’s supposed excuse for the assault.

The male model, who has since entered a plea of not guilty for the rape, as a June 14 report from the Post explains, is now said to be free on $3,000 bail. Romero’s next court hearing in the alleged matter is scheduled for August 1.

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