WWE Rumors: Enzo Amore's New Tag Team Partner May Have Been Teased On WWE Poll

WWE Rumors: Enzo Amore’s New Tag Team Partner May Have Been Teased On WWE Poll

As most of the WWE Universe knows, Big Cass has finally turned heel on Enzo Amore. But will Big Show make for a good replacement partner for the diminutive Monday Night Raw Superstar? That’s what WWE fans seem to be looking forward to, based on the results of a recent poll on the WWE website.

As of this writing, WWE is running a poll asking fans which giant wrestler (7-feet-tall or close to that height) they’d like to see replace Big Cass as Enzo Amore’s partner. Aside from Big Show, other choices include Kane, who is currently on the SmackDown Live brand but on hiatus, long-retired WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, and The Great Khali, who had last wrestled for WWE in 2015.

It probably isn’t surprising that as of this writing, Big Show has a commanding lead over the other three choices, with 55 percent of fans believing he’d make the best fit as Amore’s new tag team partner. Nash, who is also known to fans as former WWE Champion “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel, is second place with 19 percent, while Kane and Great Khali are tied with 13 percent of the votes thus far.

Big Cass revealed himself as Enzo Amore’s mystery attacker, effectively ending their partnership on this week’s ‘Monday Night Raw.’ [Image by WWE]

In most cases, WWE polls don’t point to the company’s future creative direction. But given Big Show’s role as a suspect in the series of attacks on Enzo and Big Cass ahead of their disbandment, it could make sense in storyline that the two have each other’s backs for a given period of time. The Inquisitr also reported that if rumored plans to break up Heath Slater and Rhyno are true, Monday Night Raw may be left with just four tag teams, with only The Hardy Boyz representing the babyface side; having Enzo team up with someone else may help maintain the balance between the good and the bad guys.

Although a potential Enzo Amore and Big Show partnership could be an interesting team-up of little guy and giant/youngster and veteran, and a chance to keep the two busy on Monday Night RAW, many are still of the opinion that Enzo’s most likely career trajectory would see him joining the Cruiserweight Division. Sportskeeda is the latest source to believe that would be the case, due to Amore’s billed weight of 200 pounds. Considering Enzo’s popularity with the fans, his character as a little guy with a big mouth could add some much-needed spice to WWE’s cruiserweight-centric show, 205 Live.

“He suits the weight limit, being billed at 200 lbs, and he could bring a lot of vivacity to an otherwise stagnant program. Enzo is a lively character with a strong fan base. Putting him in a division that gets little attention is a good test to see if he can pull in some more viewers along with him.”

Many believe Enzo Amore’s long-term career path points to him joining the Cruiserweight Division. [Image by WWE]

Sportskeeda also suggested that Darren Young, who is currently sidelined due to injury, may be a good choice to partner with Enzo Amore. Prior to his run with Titus O’Neil as the Prime Time Players and his subsequent run as a singles wrestler, Young worked a “party boy” gimmick not too far removed from Enzo and Cass’ Jersey Shore-inspired characters.

WWE fans, would you like to see Enzo Amore and Big Show join forces as a tag team, or would you prefer that Amore try his luck on 205 Live after his feud with Big Cass finishes up?

[Featured Image by WWE]