Skull & Bones PvP E3 2017 demo was just one aspect of the game

‘Skull & Bones’ Will Include A Single-Player Campaign Alongside Multiplayer Gameplay

Ubisoft’s upcoming naval combat game, Skull & Bones, debuted at E3 2017 with a demonstration of two teams of players battling each other. Although many were excited about the concept of fighting against other players in a pirate game, a number of people also wanted to see a co-operative multiplayer or single-player experience.

Pirates looking for a PvE experience are in luck, though. Representatives for the game told PC Gamer that there will be a full “narrative campaign” that coincides with the multiplayer experience. It is also reiterated that the E3 demo simply showed one mode of the game that occurs in Disputed Waters. There are many more features and modes included in the Skull & Bones game.

Although the E3 presentation only showed PvP combat, PvE combat and gameplay is confirmed by Ubisoft developers. As the Inquisitr reported, players can join together in co-op to hunt NPC convoys. After the foes are defeated, players have the option to betray their allies making them a target for other pirates.

This may indicate that players are free to sail safely without the threat of other players so long as they do not betray their own. Although Skull & Bones is not labeled as an MMO game, this may resemble a traditional flagging system in titles like those. On the Steam page for the game, a few more details are given on how PvE and PvP are separated.

Skull & Bones includes both PvE and PvP combat
Players will have to mind the wind while fighting pirates [Image by Ubisoft]

Disputed Waters are mentioned again as the area where PvP matches are started. Two teams of five players fought in the Loot Hunt match displayed at E3 2017, for example. Again, this could signal separated PvE and PvP modes giving hope to players that want to sail the Indian Ocean without fighting player pirates while still encountering NPC pirates.

Of course, until Ubisoft reveals more details on the naval combat game, players can only rely on what information is confirmed. The game will include PvP matches, a shared world, and a single-player narrative contained within.

Skull & Bones PvE and PvP options separated by Disputed Waters fuction
Players will be able to obtain new ships with new features and add them to their fleet [Image by Ubisoft]

Players will collect ships for their fleet with different strengths in varying combat situations, and the wind will be a factor in most battles. Skull & Bones is currently scheduled to release in the fall of 2018.

[Image by Ubisoft]