Golden Loot Boxes for Overwatch include one guaranteed legendary item

An ‘Overwatch’ Golden Loot Box, Several Normal Boxes Are Free With Twitch Prime

Each month, Twitch Prime members receive a number of digital goodies for being members of the program. In-game currency, special skins, and even full games are sometimes offered. Over the next few months, existing Twitch Prime members and new ones can pick up loot boxes for Overwatch. Until August 10, Twitch Prime members can claim a code for a Golden Loot Box.

This new type of loot box contains one guaranteed legendary item from the standard cosmetic selection. Event items are not included. Instructions on how to claim the Twitch Prime code to unlock the unique loot box can be found on Like other promotions on Twitch, players will need to sign in to the website and click the crown at the top, right-hand side of the window. After clicking Claim Code, players are ready to enter the code on their Blizzard account.

The Golden Loot Box for Overwatch can be claimed on PC or console versions of the game. PC players naturally have a Blizzard account and ID, but console players may need to create an account. Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will need to ensure that their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts are linked to their Blizzard account before continuing. That process is also done through the Blizzard account services.

Overwatch loot boxes free for Twitch Prime members
Although this is the debut of the Golden Loot Box, it is likely not exclusive to Twitch promotions [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

In addition to the Golden Loot Box, Twitch Prime members will also receive more normal loot boxes in the coming months. According to the Twitch website, five standard loot boxes will be offered in August and another five will be up for grabs in October. Twitch Prime is a monthly subscription that offers free items like these alongside one ad-free subscription to a channel. It is also important to note that Amazon Prime members automatically have Twitch Prime as part of their membership.

Overwatch players have three months after generating the code on Twitch to apply it to the Blizzard account. Free trials to Twitch Prime are eligible to receive the Golden Loot Box right now, but the free trial will end before the additional standard loot boxes are distributed. Answers to more questions can be found on the official Twitch FAQ for the promotion.

Golden Loot Boxes do not include event items from Overwatch
Newer items for added characters like Ana are also potential loot in Golden Loot Boxes [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

Blizzard Entertainment’s FPS just celebrated one year of operation. Although the anniversary event is over, a new map just released for the game. As the Inquisitr reported, players can now try out the new assault map on the moon with Horizon Lunar Colony available now in Overwatch.

[Image by Blizzard Entertainment]