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Bella Thorne Spotted At Scott Disick’s Home: Couple Reconciles After Disastrous Cannes Vacation?

Bella Thorne allegedly spent a day over at Scott Disick’s home, according to TMZ, giving the impression that the couple had reconciled following their chaotic vacation in Cannes last month.

As previously revealed, Bella Thorne allegedly called it quits with the father-of-three after he reportedly cheated on the actress with multiple women while on their trip to France.

Bella wasted no time to jump on the next plane back to Los Angeles, with sources at the time claiming that Thorne was embarrassed by Scott’s actions and no longer wanted to associate herself with the self-proclaimed sex addict.

TMZ, however, noticed that a recent photo Bella Thorne posted on her Instagram account was actually taken at Scott’s home in Hidden Hills, which has fans believing that the duo has put their differences aside and either chosen to remain friends, or the 19-year-old has been willing to give Disick another chance.

At this point, it’s unclear why Bella was at Scott’s home in the first place, but what’s evidently clear, according to multiple sources, is that the former Disney star was definitely spending time at the home of Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend.

When rumors first circulated the internet back in May that Scott was seeing Bella Thorne, Kourtney was outraged that the father of her children would be going on dates with girls that are the same age as her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, Wet Paint claims.

Following Scott’s return from Cannes and the drama he had found himself in regarding Bella Thorne, the reality star allegedly told her former lover that he was not welcome in her home and that if he wanted to see his children again, he would have to show a drastic improvement in his behavior.

The supposed fact that Disick was dating Bella Thorne and allegedly cheated on her while on their trip together in Cannes left quite the impression on the actress, but sources stress that Kourtney wasn’t all that surprised, and she was more baffled by the fact that Scott would date such young girls.

Regardless of what the situation may be with Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend, it seems as if the socialite is back on speaking terms with Bella Thorne, which could potentially hint at a reconciliation between the two.

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