10-Year-Old Boy Dies In Alabama After Being Hit By Debris From Tropical Storm Cindy

A St. Louis, Missouri, family’s vacation took a turn for the worse Wednesday morning.

The outskirts of Tropical Storm Cindy have reached the coast of Alabama, and it looks as if the worst of the storm has yet to come. As winds have started to pick up and aggressive waves have reached the coast, it’s hard to believe this is only the beginning.

First responders in Fort Morgan, Alabama, were notified around 11 a.m. CT that a possible drowning had occurred. However, when they arrived at the scene they found out that a young boy had suffered a blow to the head from a log carried in by the waves.

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, the boy had wandered several feet away while his father was keeping an eye on the other children. That’s when the incident unfolded. Captain S.K. Arthur gave a first-hand account of it all in his press release:

“The wave hit the log knocking the log into and over his son. The boy was taken inside the condo and the father and a witness attempted to resuscitate the youth and called for medical assistance. The Fort Morgan Fire Department and Med-Star Ambulance arrived and attempted resuscitation but their efforts were unsuccessful. The young man was declared deceased at the scene.”

According to WKRG News 5, the boy had to be pulled from the crashing waves before being taken into the condo. Several emergency crews, including a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, reported to the scene; however, all were too late. It seems that the boy died when trauma occurred.

The sheriff’s office also reported that the boy’s body is being transported to the Department of Forensic Science in Mobile. There, an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Officials are now encouraging all residents to stay away from the beach, as Tropical Storm Cindy is just nearing shore. The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has even gone as far as declaring a state of emergency. Edwards did so before Cindy even reached land, because he wants to ensure the safety of his citizens.

Being safe rather than sorry seems to be the best strategy during these harsh weather conditions.

[Featured Image by NOAA/AP Images]