Days Of Our Lives 6 21 17 Chad and Abby Divorce

‘Days Of Our Lives’ 6/21/17: Chad Accuses Abby Of Cheating & Finalizes Divorce, Nicole Gets Custody [Spoilers]

The group who has been stranded on the island is back home in Salem for Days of Our Lives episode 6/21/17. Days begins with Sonny at the hospital checking in on Paul. It appears that Paul is doing better and acting more like his old self. Almost losing Paul has made Sonny realize how much he loves him. Marlena tells Sonny that Will would want him to be happy and advises that he “embrace every moment.”

Sonny runs into Deimos at the hospital and there is a violent confrontation between the two. Sonny threatens Deimos, saying that he will crush and ruin him, not stopping until there is nothing left.

Deimos returns the threat with what appears to be foreshadowing for future episodes of NBC’s hit daytime drama, Days of Our Lives.

“You may have Titan but I am building something bigger and more dangerous than you ever could have imagined.”

Deimos further warns Sonny that declaring war on him was the biggest mistake of Sonny’s life. This is not the first argument that Sonny and Deimos have gotten into, but it may end up becoming the worst.

It is at this point of the Days of Our Lives episode 6/21/17 that Deimos shoves Sonny to the ground. The cursed amulet falls out of Sonny’s pocket, revealing that he has, in fact, taken the cursed amulet from the location Chad buried it on the island.

Back at the Salem Police Department, Hope has filed for a warrant to search the Candy Man’s factory in search of Deimos and Halo, a drug that has been circling the streets of Salem. They are hopeful that they will finally be able to arrest Deimos. The police raid the factory. However, Demos receives a warning and gets away, again.

Today’s Days of Our Lives episode 6/21/17 is an important one for Days fans hoping to see Holly reunited with her mother, Nicole.

At the end of yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Chloe showed up at the Kiriakis mansion, holding Holly in her arms. In episode 6/21/17, Chloe admits that she had every intention of taking Holly away from Salem and Nicole forever. She tells Nicole that she realized that she was driving in the wrong direction. Chloe further explained her actions and apologized.

“You and Daniel had a dream of becoming parents. Things got so messed up along the way. I took your child away from you and I’ll never be able to make up for that. I’m sorry. Holly belongs with you, Nicole. You are her mother.”

On the other side of Salem, Chad and Gabi are very much a couple. On Days of Our Lives episode 6/21/17, Gabi tells her brothers about her new relationship. Dario returns the favor, telling Gabi about his plans to marry Abby.

Chad and Gabi share a kiss at the Dimera mansion. Abby, who is bringing Thomas to see his father, walks in on the couple’s romantic encounter. She begins yelling at Chad, asking him if he has even signed the divorce papers before jumping into a relationship with Gabi.

Abby then tells Chad that she intends to marry Dario as soon as she is officially divorced. Upon hearing this, Chad blames Abby of cheating with Dario during their marriage. He calls his lawyer to speed the divorce proceedings, telling his lawyer he will not contest the divorce. They will share custody of Thomas and Abby can have whatever else she wants.

Days of Our Lives fans, how bad do you think the curse of the amulet will be for Sonny? Are you surprised by Chloe’s change of heart? How do you think Abby will react when she finds out Chad and Gabi made love on the island?

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