Oklahoma child molester Harold English moves in next door to his victim, family fights to change law.

Convicted Oklahoma Child Molester, Harold English, Moves In Next Door To His Victim

Danyelle Dyer, a 21-year-old Oklahoma woman, has suddenly found herself living her worst nightmare. That’s because her uncle Harold English, the man convicted of molesting her as a child, has just moved into her grandmother’s house (his mother’s), which is right next door.

As Fox 13 Now reports, English is a convicted child molester who served time for the horrific sexual abuse he subjected Dyer to as a child. He was recently released from prison, and now lives just on the other side of the fence from his niece and victim. According to Danyelle Dyer, having her abuser so close makes her uncomfortable simply being in her own home.

“He’s like right there, practically in my backyard and that kind of makes me nervous and not want to go home ever.”

Despite her apprehension, however, Danyelle has refused to be repeated by her child molester uncle Harold English yet again. Rather than hide out in fear, she has taken her case against the convicted sex offender public. Using her personal Facebook page, Dyer called out English, calling him “my abuser and my new neighbor.”

“Meet my abuser and my new neighbor. He has been asked to leave but in Oklahoma he can legally reside there. Surely Oklahoma can do better than this.”

According to Dyer, she and her parents are now working to change the law in Oklahoma that allows for a situation as unfathomable as a sex offender legally living next door to his victim.

“My parents and I are out to change Oklahoma law because surely he can find somewhere else to live.”

According to the sex offender registry page pertaining to Harold English, he was convicted of Lewd or Indecent Acts with a Child in 2005 and Abuse or Neglect of a Child/Child Beating in 2002. It is unclear whether both convictions are related to his molestation of Danyelle.

Dyer’s parents say that the worst part about the entire situation is that their daughter has been forced to publicly expose her “deepest, darkest secrets” in an attempt to once again remove convicted child molester Harold English from her life.

“She’s had to bring her deepest, darkest secrets out for the public to view just to try to rid this person of her life.”

Under Oklahoma law, convicted sex offenders are already prohibited from living in certain areas, such near schools, churches, daycare facilities, or “where children gather.” However, there is currently no language on the books preventing convicted child molesters from moving in right next door to their victims. Dyer and her family are working to change that by adding the single word “victim” to the list of where these convicted and registered molesters are not allowed to reside.

“It’s adding one word in there where it talks, where they can and can’t live, just adding ‘victim’ right there along with schools and playgrounds.”

Danyelle and her family have been working diligently not just to change the law that allows convicted child molesters to move in next door to their victims, but also to bring awareness to the problem. While she is trying to end the stigma of being a victim of child molestation in general, Dyer and her parents are specifically attempting to remove Harold English from their neighborhood so that Danyelle can live in peace in her own home. In fact, Larina Dyer (Danyelle’s mother) has ordered banners to warn neighbors of the sex offender in their midst in an attempt to keep her daughter and others in the vicinity safe and informed.

Her father also shared an open letter explaining his misery and the additional trauma the family is enduring due to a loophole in Oklahoma law that allows a situation like this one to exist.

At least one local media outlet has reached out to Harold English and his mother in an attempt to hear their side of the story, even stopping by the home in question. Rather than speak out, however, the home’s occupants told the news crew to leave.

Oklahoma Representative Kyle Hilbert claims that he is working with other lawmakers and Danyelle’s family in an attempt to update state law regarding the residence’s of convicted child molesters during the next legislative session. It is unknown if any legislative change will be able to retroactively applied to the case of Harold English and his victim.

In the meantime, Danyelle Dyer is warning everyone to utilize their state’s sex offender registries as a tool to keep themselves and their families safe.

[Featured Image by Oklahoma Sex and Violent Offender Registry]