Shawn and Bea Carter are rumored to be the names of Jay Z and Beyonce's new babies.

Shawn And Bea Carter: Rumored Names Of Jay Z And Beyonce’s Twins Reportedly Leaked, Fans Love It

Shawn and Bea Carter are rumored to be the names of Jay Z and Beyonce’s new twins — and the internet seems to love the choices.

Nearly one week after Beyonce quietly gave birth to babies number two and three for the couple, there is still little word about what the newborn babies are named. While there has been plenty of speculation that stretches back well before Beyonce actually gave birth, both mom and dad have not given any public indication about the names for their new babies.

But a new viral rumor circulating across social media claims that Jay Z and Beyonce picked some very personal names for the two new babies — Shawn and Bea. For those who may be far out of the loop, that would mean the twins are named after their parents.

The potential names for Jay Z and Beyonce’s babies have been reported across a number of sites, including The Hollywood Gossip, which claimed a source at the hospital confirmed the names as Bea and Shawn.

The site didn’t appear overly confident in its own reporting but passed along the information that allegedly came directly from the source.

“We’re still relying on not-independently-confirmed rumors at this point, but hey – at least they’re rumors that make a whole lot of sense,” the report claimed. “A source at the hospital where the Bey-bies entered the world tells The Hollywood Gossip that the newest Carters have been named… Sean and Bea (pronounced ‘Bee’).”

The rumor about the names of Jay Z and Beyonce’s twins spread rapidly across social media early this week, though it was not clear if they come from a credible source as all reports seemed to point to unnamed “insiders.” There have been plenty of reports off the mark during Beyonce’s pregnancy, including a range of guesses as to when her due date would be.

Whatever the case, fans loved the names Shawn and Bea Carter, so they seemed to have made the right choice if that was the case.

It could still be a while longer before fans learn if Shawn and Bea Carter are really the names of Jay Z and Beyonce’s new babies. A report from TMZ noted that the twins were born prematurely and had a “minor issue” that has kept them in the hospital for more than a week and reportedly being treated for jaundice. With the newborns still in the hospital, Jay Z and Beyonce may not get around to making any official announcements until everyone is home safe and sound.

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