For Over A Decade An Alarm Clock That Is Stuck In A Wall Peeps Every Day At The Same Time

Alarm Clock Stuck In Wall Goes Off Daily For 13 Years As Batteries Just Won’t Die

Hauntings are usually described as things that go bump in the night, but a Pennsylvania family is haunted by a loud beeping alarm from a clock that no one can get to. This alarm clock goes off at the same time every evening, and it’s been doing so for the last 13 years from its resting place tucked deep inside a wall.

For part of the year, during the Daylight Savings Time, the alarm goes off at 10 minutes to eight in the evening. When the clocks go back to standard time for the remaining of the year, that clock’s alarm starts beeping in the evening at 10 minutes to seven.

It’s bad enough to hear the beeping, but it is one of those alarm clocks that were designed to guard against you dozing back off to sleep by making enough noise so that won’t happen. After the alarm initially wakes you up the beeping noise progressively gets louder as the minutes go by.

So how did this alarm get into the wall in the first place? It seems that back in 2004 the homeowner, known only as Jerry, wanted to drill a hole in the wall to install a cable TV wire. Not knowing where to drill, he concocted a tool out of the battery-operated alarm clock and string, according to AOL News.

Jerry tied the alarm clock to the string and lowered it down an air vent from the second story. He set the alarm for 10 minutes to give him enough time to scramble down to the first story where he could hear the alarm going off inside the wall. His initial plan was to drill in the area where the noise was coming from.

This seemed like a great idea at the time, but that thought ended with a “clunk.” It seems the alarm clock fell off that string and made its way down the inside of the wall. This has been the alarm clock’s resting place for well over a decade. It has also reminded the family once a day that it is still there. You can see a picture of Jerry below.

This didn’t seem to be too big of a deal for Jerry, after all the batteries on the alarm clock were bound to run down in a few months. Rather than knocking a hole in the wall, he opted to wait for the battery’s end of life. It’s been a long wait. So far it’s been 13 years and counting, according to Jerry. Fox & Friends also reported on the longevity of this alarm clock stuck in a wall on their Wednesday morning show.

So why is the clock still blaring its alarm after all this time? The family has simply gotten used to it. They don’t seem to notice that beeping anymore but according to Jerry, but when they have visitors they can find it a little unnerving when a beeping is heard and then it progressively gets louder coming from inside the wall.

It is not known what brand name battery is keeping this clock alive and beeping for the last 13-years, but if the brand name is every brought to light, this could be a priceless bit of advertising for the company that makes the batteries.

[Featured Image by Gregory Bull/AP Images]