Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Royal Ascot

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Still Not True

Every couple of months, Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors circulate online. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, have two children already, and it has been said that the couple is perfectly content with a family of four. While it doesn’t sound like another royal baby is on the cards for the Duke and Duchess, that hasn’t stopped the gossip sites from posting false reports on the matter.

The latest story was published by Life & Style Magazine, and the article claimed that Duchess Kate was with child. Although Kate’s face is plastered on the cover of a new issue of the magazine, Gossip Cop reports that there’s no truth to the headline. Kate and William are not expecting their third child together, and furthermore, the two have no plans to leave the palace, as the mag also suggests.

After Princess Charlotte was born, there had been some chatter about the royal couple welcoming a third baby and doing so fairly soon. Royal sources came forward to say that the couple wanted all of their children to be close in age and that William and Kate were going to try for baby number three soon after Charlotte’s first birthday. However, subsequent interviews with the couple at various events seemed to make it quite clear that William and Kate were not thinking about having another baby.

Kate Middleton at the royal Ascot
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It’s true that the two might have wanted to have a big family, and maybe they had once planned to have three or four kids, but that’s just not how things worked out, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t stop tabloids from repeatedly reporting that Middleton is pregnant. If she were to get pregnant again, it would be fairly big news, so some outlets may be trying to capitalize on that. Who knows?

Kate Middleton and Prince William
[Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

The bottom line is simple. Kate Middleton is not pregnant. In fact, as most people know, she had gotten very sick with her first two pregnancies and even had to be hospitalized at one point. She was out and about at the Royal Ascot yesterday looking anything but ill.

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