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How Kylie Cosmetics Ruined Kim’s Life

Kim Kardashian may be starting her own beauty line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty, but that doesn’t mean that Kylie Cosmetics isn’t ruining her life in a totally adorable way.

Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner’s have accused Kim Kardashian West of creeping in on her younger sister’s beauty empire after she announced plans to start her own line. Some have said that Kim saw dollar signs as soon as she realized how much money Kylie Jenner earns with Kylie Cosmetics, but the sisters have made it clear they aren’t competing with one another and totally support each other’s endeavors.

Each sister has decided to focus on the feature that they are most known for to start out their collection. Kylie Jenner is known for her full, pouty (and questionably surgically enhanced lips), and therefore, Kylie Cosmetics is known for its emphasis on lip kits and ways to make your lips pop. Kim Kardashian West, however, has been known for her contouring habits, and therefore, it comes as no surprise that the first product she will launch is a contouring palette.

The product launches today and will be available for $48.

However, Kim Kardashian has conceded that her younger sister is much better at doing her makeup than she is, and the pair remains supportive of one another.

Today's the day!!! @Kkwbeauty launches at 9am! go to for the creme contour and highlight kits!

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So, how has Kylie Cosmetics ruined Kim’s life? According to Kim, she owns most of the set her younger sister has created. And her daughter, North, got into them as the Kardashian West clan was on their way to a wedding.

Kim told her younger sister, Kylie, that her daughter, North, had smeared June Bug, a lipstick with a purplish tint, all over her face right before the family was about to walk out the door. When Kim questioned why she would do such a thing, she said it was because purple was her favorite color.

Jokingly, Kim texted the Kylie Cosmetics mogul and told her she was ruining her life by creating a purple shade so tempting that her daughter wanted to smear it all over her face.

Kim revealed that she ended up being late for the wedding after the incident.

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