'Boruto' Episode 12 is the new anime's best episode yet.

‘Boruto’ Episode 12 Review, Episode 13 Preview: Naruto Shows He Is A Family Man As Kakashi Returns Next Week

The Boruto anime had a pretty slow start, with numerous scenes inciting come controversy among avid fans of the popular anime franchise. Over the past weeks, however, the anime has improved considerably, with the plot picking up and the main characters getting more developed. With Boruto Episode 12 airing this week, the upstart series seems to have finally hit its stride, as its story started picking up.

Boruto Episode 12 “Boruto and Mitsuki” had a number of memorable moments, especially the scenes which featured the father and son tandem of Naruto and Boruto, according to noted anime fan-translator Ken Xyro. The conflict between the two ninjas had always been a dominant theme in the franchise since Boruto’s feature length film aired back in 2015. In the ongoing series, the dynamic between the two has been explored in a much more extensive manner, and it has largely developed Boruto’s character more.

One scene in the recently aired episode that has stuck with the anime’s fans was a segment featuring a warm Uzumaki family moment, featuring Himawari preparing dinner with her mother and Naruto being physically there. Naruto has always had a penchant for using his Shadow Clones to do his bidding when he is in the midst of doing something extremely pertinent, and it is one of his son’s issues in the 2015 Boruto movie. In the recently aired episode, however, the fact that Naruto was physically there for his wife and children for a simple dinner all but proved that he treasures the little family that he built after the events of Naruto: Shippuden.

While Boruto Episode 12 was largely satisfying overall, the next episode looks even better. From what could be determined in the Boruto Episode 13 preview, the Demon Beast would finally make an appearance, and things would likely escalate.

While the reveal of the powerful being was something extremely notable, however, numerous fans of the anime franchise are hyped because of a character that was featured in the Boruto Episode 13 NEP. While the character only appeared for a brief moment, it was unmistakable — Kakashi would be featured in next week’s episode.

The return of Kakashi to the anime has been received extremely warmly by the Boruto community, as could be seen in online forums such as Reddit. What was interesting, however, was the fact that Kakashi did not seem to have aged since the end of Shippuden. If any, Kakashi seems to look the same as he did during his debut in the first Naruto series.

While Kakashi’s character design could simply be caused by Studio Pierrot not updating his look despite the timeline of the new anime, it could also mean that the popular ninja has managed to gain some ability that hinders his aging. Of course, these are but speculations from the Boruto fanbase and thus must be taken with a generous helping of salt. Nevertheless, it would definitely be pretty exciting to see the well-liked character return to the small screen, and in a new series at that.

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