Taylor Swift has a new lookalike

Taylor Swift’s Newfound Lookalike Is An 18-Year-Old Domino’s Pizza Delivery Driver

Taylor Swift is just one of the many celebrities who has doppelgangers all over the world. The recent twin to have been discovered was in February of 2017, a makeup artist who looks like the country singer and does makeup similar to hers. Now, there’s another Taylor Swift lookalike that adds to the list: a pizza delivery driver.

Eighteen-year-old Teegan Jarratt of Queensland, Australia, turns heads for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the 27-year-old singer-songwriter. The Dominos Pizza employee told the Mirror that she had experienced getting chased by paparazzi and approached by Taylor Swift fans for a selfie.

Cars had been stopped and people had been told to move along because they thought the “Shake It Off” singer was in the area. Jarratt recalled how the paparazzi kept following her last year to take photos of her.

“People were pulling over and jumping out of their cars. Paparazzi started getting their cameras out thinking I was her and following me. I’m still self-conscious but not as much as I used to be. If anything, it’s boosted my confidence.”

But the newly discovered Taylor Swift lookalike wasn’t always confident about herself. She began her battle with anorexia when she was 14. She also had social anxiety because of her condition.

When she was in 10th grade, she would go over to the weighing scale and check her weight three times a day. She’d lose those pounds by overexercising to burn off the 600 kcal she’d consumed.

Teegan’s first encounter with Taylor Swift fans who mistook her for the “Style” singer was in 2015 when she was in the U.S. They stopped her at a shopping center for some photographs. At that time, the teen never really enjoyed the attention because of her social anxiety.

During the years that followed, Teegan developed self-confidence from interacting with people more often. She also credits Swift, who served as her role model.

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Teegan aspires to become a model, and it’s evident on her Instagram. She has photos of herself posing like a model in different outfits on the social media platform. She has also started a business earlier this year called Tay Tay Parties, which caters to young children and Swifties. Services include karaoke, photos, and dancing games.

Teegan is the latest to become Taylor’s new doppelganger. In February, April Gloria baffled fans with her Instagram shots, showing herself copying Tay’s signature red lips. She even went as far as chopping off her hair to achieve the same bob Taylor had.

Do you agree that Teegan looks like Taylor Swift, or does she look more like Michelle Williams, as some people have suggested? Sound off in the comments section below.

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