Kristaps Porzingis Dunks On Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Trade Rumors: Team Contacts New York Knicks About Kristaps Porzingis Trade

Boston Celtics trade rumors now mention Kristaps Porzingis as a highly-sought player by Danny Ainge. These Celtics rumors make sense for the team, as Porzingis is a young center who could give the team an immense boost in the low post. If the front office can figure out a way to pull off a trade with the New York Knicks and then sign someone like Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward in free agency, the Celtics could become immediate threats to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A report by the New York Times confirms the Celtics have contacted the Knicks about a potential deal. This isn’t too surprising, as Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has been extremely busy since the NBA offseason began. He has been in talks with quite a few different teams, including the Chicago Bulls about Jimmy Butler, the Indiana Pacers about Paul George, and even the New York Knicks about Carmelo Anthony. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Celtics are also showing interest in Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers.

With a treasure trove of assets to work with, it has made sense that all these All-Star players are coming up in Boston Celtics trade rumors. The difference between Kristaps Porzingis and the other players getting mentioned is that he is extremely affordable. For the 2017-18 NBA season, Porzingis will make roughly $4.5 million for the New York Knicks. He then has a team option worth about $5.7 million for the following season.

Rather than picking up a player like Paul George, who has already stated that he will opt out of his current deal following the 2017-18 NBA season, a player like Kristaps Porzingis could get locked up on a long-term deal. After the two seasons on his current contract are up, he will become a restricted free agent, giving the Knicks or his new team the first crack at offering a long-term extension. That could be a huge deal in any trade negotiations with the Knicks.

It would take a lot to pry Kristaps Porzingis away from the New York Knicks, but it is very telling that team president Phil Jackson has made him available on the open market. While the Knicks may end up pulling him back, it is noteworthy that Porzingis has even been mentioned in this fashion. In order to land him, the Celtics might have to give up the No. 3 overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft. Would that be a worthy move for the franchise to make? Either way, it’s a safe bet to assume that even more Boston Celtics trade rumors will surface before the draft begins.

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