Kailyn Lowry Makes Bold Statement About Her Reputation: 'Teen Mom' Fans Call Her Out On Stupidity

Kailyn Lowry Makes Bold Statement About Her Reputation: ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Call Her Out On Statement

Kailyn Lowry is currently expecting her third child, and she’s eagerly nearing her due date. Over the past couple of days, she’s been traveling a lot to relax before the baby arrives. She was on a trip by herself for a couple of days, and she’s currently soaking up the sun with her two sons on a second trip. Of course, Lowry has received much criticism for her behavior, as she decided to get pregnant with a man who she wasn’t in a relationship with. Kailyn is currently planning on raising this child alone.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry made a bold statement about herself and her situation. Many fans of Teen Mom 2 have been critical of her decision, as she now has three children by three different men. In addition, she had this last baby with a man she’s not in a relationship with. Fans of the show have been very vocal about their dislike over her decision to get pregnant after she was divorced from Javi Marroquin, but Lowry has never really shown interest in what people think about her.

This morning, Kailyn Lowry made a bold statement on Twitter about preferring to be the crazy mother compared to the dumb mother who constantly makes mistakes. Since Kailyn has shared much of her life on television, many people felt that her statement was silly.

Some people questioned how she could make such a statement, given she had made mistakes before. One person even questioned how she could say that given she had made crazy and dumb decisions in the past. Lowry never replied, but she was younger when she made some silly mistakes, such as cheating.

To Kailyn Lowry’s credit, she has made some smart decisions. She did get divorced when she felt her relationship with Javi was toxic. She also managed to finish her college education, even though all odds were against her. Plus, one can imagine she didn’t get pregnant without having the financial means to care for the baby.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s statement? Do you think she was crazy or stupid to get pregnant with a third child when she wasn’t in a relationship?

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