'Southern Charm' Stars Thomas Ravenel And Landon Clements Over Before It Began — Is He Back With Kathryn? [Featured Image by Bravo]

‘Southern Charm’ Stars Thomas Ravenel And Landon Clements Over Before It Began — Is He Back With Kathryn?

Thomas Ravenel’s romance with Landon Clements looked like it was headed for a promising start on Southern Charm – but it now sounds like it was over before it even began. Caught in the middle of Ravenel’s heated custody battle with Kathryn Dennis, the Southern Charm romance took a turn for the worse once Clements made peace with Ravenel’s ex. Is their relationship over for good?

According to Radar Online, Ravenel felt betrayed after Clements apologized to Dennis and tried to end their longstanding feud. The two ladies discussed their issues during a cast outing in Key West. Clements said she was sorry for going after Ravenel without thinking about how it might hurt Dennis, who was hesitant to accept the apology.

“I’m sorry for my ignorance to not considering your feelings,” Clements told her. “I have never been a mom. I don’t know those things. And I know you and Thomas have your relationship and I feel like sometimes he uses me as a weapon against you and I don’t think that’s right.”

Clements even went to far as to claim that Ravenel uses her “as a weapon” against Dennis.

Ravenel is later shown in a confessional admitting that he didn’t appreciate the situation. Ravenel and Dennis are currently locked in a nasty custody fight over their two kids – Kenzie, three, and St. Julien, one. The estranged couple is scheduled to appear in court at the end of June. Ravenel has full custody of the children while Dennis is seeking joint custody.

'Southern Charm' Stars At War! Thomas Ravenel Reportedly Wants Kathryn Dennis Thrown In Jail [Featured Image by Bravo]
Thomas and Kathryn have had a volatile relationship since they met during Season 1 of ‘Southern Charm.’ [Image by Bravo]

Although Clements tried to make peace, Daily Mail reports that Dennis recently called her out for being “fake” and “pathetic.” The Southern Charm star didn’t believe Clements was being genuine when she apologized and thought she took an unnecessary shot at Ravenel.

“She tried to trump me, she tried to f*** Thomas… Shep, I think Austin too… she’s pretty pathetic honestly,” Dennis shared.

Clements has a long history of getting in between Dennis and Ravenel. According to the Hollywood Take, Dennis thought Ravenel and Clements were having an affair after the birth of their first son. In turn, Clements didn’t appreciate the accusations and has been an enemy ever since. She also dislikes getting in the middle of Ravenel’s drama with Dennis, which has been an ongoing problem.


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Ravenel, meanwhile, has been making things right with Dennis. In the midst of their heated court battle, Ravenel invited his ex-wife to St. Julien’s birthday party. He even allowed her to spend some alone time with Kenzie. The development was a big turnaround for their relationship, especially considering how nasty their custody battle has been the past few years.

It isn’t clear what Ravenel has planned, but it’s clear that he and Clements are not off to a great start.

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