Adam Lind and his daughter Paislee

Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska’s Ex, Accused Of Killing Two Dogs And Being Addicted To Steroids

Looking and Chelsea Houska DeBoer now, it is hard to believe that she once pined over bad boy Adam Lind. And now, with more information revealed, it is clear Adam would never have been the dad to Aubree Chelsea had hoped.

Not too long ago, Chelsea Houska’s ex lost his ability to see either one of his daughters, Aubree, seven, and Paislee, two, without supervision due to the fact that a court-ordered drug test came back positive for meth. Now, it has been reported that the Teen Mom 2 dad again tested positive for meth in his system, but this time right before a visit with his two-year-old daughter Paislee.

It seems the drama runs deep with Adam Lind and his ex and mother of Paislee’s, Taylor Halbur. According to Radar Online, Taylor Halbur has discussed several incidents in which her safety and the safety of their daughter were put in jeopardy during their relationship.

Court records state that Halbur claims Adam Lind tried to grab her cell phone from her while she was holding Paislee. When he was unable to grab it, he knocked the pair of them to the ground, which could have seriously injured the young girl, who was only a baby at the time.

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Halbur stated that she believed that Lind was high on steroids during the time that this incident happened. She also claimed that there were needles everywhere in his house, which would present a danger to young children visiting.

Chelsea Houska, who hasn’t been in a relationship with Adam for some time, doesn’t seem to have as many horror stories as Halbur, however, when the news broke about Adam Lind’s drug use, she took it very seriously. Although Adam was never able to see Chelsea Houska and his daughter, Aubree alone without his parents present, sometimes they were lax on the rule. But Chelsea Houska has tightened up on it and will not allow him to see her alone. But with the new information, it is unclear if she will pursue further action to bar his visitation altogether.

Taylor Halbur also stated that Adam may have killed one of his ex’s dogs and she believes he killed two of her own puppies.

The filing that Taylor reported discussed the issue.

“Upon information and belief, when we were dating and lived together, he killed two of my puppies. There was also another relationship that he was in, where he may have killed that person’s dog. If you hurt a dog, you will hurt a child!”

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