Democrats Poked Online After Ossoff Loss

Democrats Poked And Prodded After Jon Ossoff Crushed By Trump Effect In Georgia Election

All eyes were on the special election in Georgia that positioned Jon Ossoff as the start-up in the first major election thought to pave the way for the Democrats to get back on top in the House. The nation is weighing in with their tweets and posts across social media today, with a few notable names emerging with quips reflecting the mindset over Ossoff’s loss and Karen Handel’s win.

Handel won the House seat, and while the celebration is centered on her, the biggest win from this special election is Donald Trump, according to many posts online and in the headline news today. According to Business Insider, this election is viewed as “the first major referendum on Trump’s presidency.” Kellyanne Conway reminded the Democrats that they called this election a referendum on Trump’s presidency and in a tweet today she tells them, “you were right.”

This was not quite what the Democrats had in mind, it was a referendum they thought would be in their favor and against Trump. Never the less they were right when saying it was a referendum on Trump’s presidency, just not in the way that they intended. They expected to use an Ossoff win to show the voters pulling away from Trump but instead, it seems to indicate the opposite, according to the many reports today.

Actor James Woods summed up this loss for Ossoff, which left Karen Handel standing in the winner’s circle.

Woods writes, “Democrats can’t even buy an election anymore.”

Woods’s comment comes on the heels of reports indicating the Georgia special election broke the record for campaign spending on a House race. It’s dubbed the “most expensive House race ever,” according to CNBC.

Ossoff’s campaign donors list had some heavy Hollywood influence with celebrities like Samuel Jackson, Rosie O’Donnell, and Jane Fonda donating their money and their time to his election. This might explain how his campaign donations tallied up to somewhere around $23 million, which made Handel’s donations of $4 million pale in comparison. Chelsea Handler and George Takei were also behind the Democratic candidate, with Breitbart reporting that actor John Leguizamo and Alyssa Milano were also Hollywood notables who supported Ossoff.

It is at tweet posted by Kellyanne Conway responding to Ossoff’s loss that’s getting a lot of attention today for its play on words, which is seen above. After Handel won this seat despite the Democrats launching Ossoff on this very expensive ill-fated venture, Conway simply writes that she is “Laughing my #Ossoff.”

Kellyanne’s three-word tweet is getting a lot of mileage today in quotes in the news media as well as online while the Democrats tend to their wounds once again. Handel might not have had the long list of Hollywood shout-outs and funding when it came to her campaign like Ossoff did, but she had House Speaker Paul Ryan, Vice President Mike Pence, and President Trump in her corner. Many today believe that was more than enough to put her in the House.

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