‘Who Killed Lady Di?’: Prince William’s Mom Was In ‘Death Trap,’ New Details Of Princess Diana’s Death Reveal

New details about Princess Diana’s death have revealed that Prince William’s mom was not safe when she got into the Mercedes S-280 limousine on August 31, 1997.

Diana’s boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of Egyptian business tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed was with her when the accident took place. He too died in the crash. Thirty years after the tragedy, a French book has given a new perspective to the controversial car accident that killed Princess Diana at 36. Prince William was 15 and his brother Harry 12, when their mother died.

Princess Diana’s death was heavily mourned all around the world. At the same time, the royal family was criticized for not giving any immediate response to the tragedy. The Queen’s press secretary Geoffrey Crawford eventually issued a televised statement on behalf of the House of Windsor.

“The Royal Family have been hurt by suggestions that they are indifferent to the country’s sorrow at the tragic death of the Princess of Wales,” The Independent quoted Crawford as saying.

Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that Lady Diana's murder had been planned by the British secret services.
Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that Lady Diana’s murder had been planned by the British secret services. [Image by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]

There are several conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death. One of those is related to Mohamed Al-Fayed’s claim that Lady Diana’s murder was planned by the British secret services. Dodi’s father was convinced that somebody in the royal family did not want her to get married to his son, and that was why they had to die.

French publisher Grasset released “Who Killed Lady Di?” that has apparently assembled facts related to the crash. Three French journalists, Jean-Michel Caradec’h, Pascal Rostain, and Bruno Mouron, looked through details of the infamous crash. What they have found should shock Princess Diana’s admirers.

New details about Princess Diana’s death have revealed that Prince William’s mom was not safe. [Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]

The Mercedes S-280 limousine she was in that night did not pass security checks. According to the book, the limo was a “death trap.” The car already had a major accident prior to this and was rebuilt. An escaped prisoner stole it from the original owner and left it completely destroyed. The car was in such a pathetic condition that the insurer reimbursed the owner in full, Forbes reported.

The book reveals the limousine was chosen in a hurry, as Dodi wanted to move to his apartment immediately with Diana. Henri Paul, the driver who was also killed in the accident, did not go through any security check.

According to a previous driver, the car seemed out of control when it moved faster than 60 kmph. Repeated repairs could not solve the problem. When Paul was driving the limo, it reached around 150 kmph as it reached the entrance of the Alma tunnel. When he used the brakes, he lost control and fatally crashed it.

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