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Kim Kardashian Claims Untouched Butt Photos Were Photoshopped By Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian’s butt has found its way back into the headlines once more. This time, it was none other than the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star herself that put it there.

As those who follow Kim Kardashian news know, the KUWTK star went on a trip to Mexico a few months earlier. While on the trip, paparazzi snapped pictures of Kim in a bikini. The pictures quickly went viral on the internet and people began to slam Kardashian for how unflattering her booty looked in the pictures.

As the Inquisitr reported about a month ago, the controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian’s butt had gotten so out of hand that the man claiming to be the plastic surgeon who did the work on the reality TV star’s bottom even came forward. While Kardashian has always been adamant about her butt being natural, the man who claimed to be the plastic surgeon who created her butt went as far as comparing her booty to a deflated balloon.

For several months, Kim Kardashian was slammed by people who felt betrayed by the pictures of her Mexico trip revealing cellulite on her booty. A few months have passed and Kim Kardashian had finally decided to defend herself and the untouched butt photo controversy.

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According to what Kim said during her appearance recently on The View, it isn’t her that people should be mad at – it is the paparazzi that took the pictures. Kim claims the paparazzi who took the pictures photoshopped them by sharpening them to look bad. Is it possible the untouched butt photos that caused so much controversy were actually photoshopped?

As Daily Star reminds us, Kim Kardashian lost 100,000 followers on Instagram over the untouched butt photos that surfaced a few months ago. While Kardashian has since gained all of those followers – and then some back – many blamed the controversial butt photos on the reason why she initially lost so many followers.

“I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip in Mexico and people were Photoshopping them and sharpening them.”

Kim Kardashian did note that she was not “at her best” when the photos were taken by the paparazzi. She claimed to have already been feeling pretty down about herself and the paparazzi snapping and photoshopping pictures just made her feel that much worse.

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Do you think Kim Kardashian could be telling the truth about the alleged untouched butt photos? Could paparazzi really have photoshopped them? Let us know what you think in the comment’s down below.

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