Milos Teodosic points towards a teammate.

Chicago Bulls Preparing Contract Offer For Serbian Basketball Star Milos Teodosic

The Chicago Bulls have been a busy team over the last few days. The Bulls front office are entertaining trade overtures for Jimmy Butler, preparing for an unpredictable NBA draft and putting together their full offseason strategy.

Part of that strategy is NBA free agency. Because the Bulls have several roster decisions to make, they will be busy in free agency making a few subtle signings. One of those signings could include an international star player.

Serbian basketball star Milos Teodosic is currently on the Chicago Bulls’ radar. According to an Eurohoops’ report, the Bulls are putting together a multi-year contract offer for Teodosic.

No one can confuse Milos Teodosic as a potential franchise savior for the Chicago Bulls. The 30-year-old Teodosic is all-around threat as a point guard for CSKA Moscow. He averaged 16.1 points, while dishing out an average of 6.8 assists per game with his European League club. If the Chicago Bulls are successful in signing in Milos Teodosic, he may be joining a crowed backcourt.

No official decision has been made by the Chicago Bulls regarding the status of Rajon Rondo’s team option. In May, the Bulls hinted that there was a great chance they would pick up (courtesy of the Chicago Tribune) his $14 million option.

The Chicago Bulls potential signing of Milos Teodosic could make Rajon Rondo expendable. And if not Rondo, then perhaps Jerian Grant would be the odd man out. Judging from a financial standpoint, keeping Rondo over Grant would be an expensive proposition if the Bulls can finalize things with Teodosic.

One player who can be most affected from the Bulls adding Teodosic would be Nikola Mirotic.

Beleaguered for much of the season, Mirotic can thrive alongside Milos Teodosic. The two of them should be familiar with each other from the 2016 Olympics. Teodosic was on the Serbian national team which won the silver medal in Men’s Basketball at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

There could be some basketball chemistry between Milos Teodosic and Nikola Mirotic. And should the Chicago Bulls decide to re-sign Mirotic, a needed comfort zone is created.

Nikola Mirotic had veteran Pau Gasol to lean on during two of his four seasons with the Bulls. Those were arguably his best years. When he struggled, Gasol was there for him. Once Gasol left the Bulls for the San Antonio Spurs, Mirotic appeared lost.

Bulls’ fans may not like the sound of a possible Nikola Mirotic return, but it may be necessary. If Jimmy Butler is indeed traded it would be wise to see if Mirotic can thrive as the centerpiece for the Bulls’ offense.

Having the player voted by NBA general managers as the best player not in the NBA could help the Bulls as a whole. The prospects of trading away Jimmy Butler takes away the possibility of a winning team. Replacing him Milos Teodosic eases things a bit because of the way he plays.

Milos Teodosic is a flashy point guard in the vein of Ricky Rubio. Unlike Rubio, Teodosic is a natural scorer. For a Chicago Bulls team that wants to play with pace, the interest is ideal.

Would Milos Teodosic help Bulls’ fans forget about the muddied state of the team? That is unlikely to occur, but from a business standpoint it would be genius for the Bulls to bring him aboard. Signing Milos Teodosic allows the Chicago Bulls to remain relevant from a global perspective, as they figure out how to become relevant again in the NBA.

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