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George H. W. Bush Still In Hospital After Three Weeks

George H. W. Bush Still in Hospital After Three Weeks

George H. W. Bush still in hospital after three weeks. According to the Daily Mail, the former president was admitted to the Methodist Hospital after he was hospitalized in Houston with bronchitis. Bush had originally gone to the hospital the day after Thanksgiving with a lingering cough, and doctors had feared he would develop pneumonia.

As previously reported by The Inquisitir, a week ago George H. W. Bush was listed as in stable condition but that complications with the bronchitis and Parkinson’s disease might be of concern. Though there has been improvement in Bush’s condition over the last few days, doctors are in no rush to release him. His stay is also longer than expected.

“[George H. W. Bush’s] big problem is a chronic cough, he can’t get rid of so he’s back at Methodist,” Bush chief of staff Jean Becker said. “We have kept this quiet out of respect for him.”

George H. W. Bush has been visiting the Methodist Hospital several times in recent weeks, and family friends believes Bush’s busy schedule has something to do with it according to a family friend:

“[Bush has] been overdoing it lately. He’s always been that way but he just doesn’t have the strength anymore to keep it up.”

Although there have been complications related to Bush’s bronchitis, the hospital believes he is in stable condition and is expected to be released within the next 72 hours. Still, if the former president has a sudden turn for the worse he believes he’s prepared.

“I think about death,” George H. W. Bush said. “I wonder what it’s like. There’s people in heaven I want to see, definitely.”

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8 Responses to “George H. W. Bush Still In Hospital After Three Weeks”

  1. Barry Singer

    I offer a prayer for our former President and would like to see him sky dive at least once more. Get well soon, Mr. President.

  2. Ima Hick

    With or without a parachute? Ok, I'm kidding. I wish him good health too. I would like him to have perfect health and finally get to the Hague and live long and prosper there.

  3. Ima Hick

    Even though old Poppy is a legendary scoundrel, and the Bush family represents just about everything that is bad about an imperial, plutocratic America, I wish him a speedy recovery and good health for the years to come. I want him to live well and have his wits fully about him in 2016 when the Crown Prince John Ellis Bush gets his fattening blue blood butt kicked by a women. Absent that, and I know this would be a stretch, I would hope that he could live to see his "little brown" grandson, Jorge P. Arbusto fail to become the first "Hispanic" resident of the White House.

  4. Roger Mesecher

    as a dem that don't like how the repups have became a no good bunch of crap I will still not say anything like the repups say about the dems as I am better than that! get well mister bush! at least we dems have alittle better manners than the repukes do!

  5. Joe Stoneman

    he and his family ahve all they can, and still trying to desroty this country. Just can't think of any thing I can, that you will put on here.

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