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The First ‘Transformers 5’ Movie Reviews Are In — And No One Really Likes The Film

To call the first batch of official opinions regarding Michael Bay’s Transformers 5, officially titled Transformers: The Last Knight, scathing might be putting things mildly to say the least.

The upcoming fifth installment of the 1980s-era animated series film adaptation that centers on hero-saving “robots in disguise” and their interactions with the human race has already been deemed as being one of the worst of the entire live-action movie series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Presently sitting at 12 percent on Rotten Tomatoes,” EW shares (risen to 17 percent at the time of this posting), “reviews of the Mark Wahlberg-led [Transformers 5] can be summed up by headlines that range from, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight is like a frying pan to the brain’ to, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight might make humanity just a little dumber.”

Leah Greenblatt, a film journalist for Entertainment Weekly who viewed an advance screening of Transformers 5, appeared to be one of the few critics who wasn’t too harsh with her review, but was just as unimpressed overall.

transformers 5 review
The first critiques of Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers 5,’ starring Mark Wahlberg (left), are in and they aren’t so good. [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Stringer/Getty Images]

“True fans [of the franchise] probably don’t need the tangled universe of good versus evil explained to them,” Gleenblatt wrote in her Transformers 5 review.

“Bionic aliens rumble, ancient monuments crumble [and] guys in the middle of [an] Armageddon [with robots] deliver wry one-liners. That’s just what you do when things go boom.”

Speaking of explosions, Uproxx contributor Mike Ryan, in his review, openly questioned if the ones he saw and heard in Transformers 5 were actually onscreen or in his head as part of an undetected brain malady.

“I have no proof Transformers: The Last Knight will kill your brain cells, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it does and I’d proceed with caution just in case,” Ryan warned potential ticket purchasers.

“But what Transformers: The Last Knight does prove is nothing matters anymore. I saw this movie. You will see this movie. Everyone will see this movie. And we will all be dumber together.”

Going a bit further with his negative thoughts of Transformers 5 than any of his aforementioned critic colleagues, Screencrush reporter Matt Singer expressed in his review that none of the films in the Transformers series had particularly made good impression on him, but The Last Knight was the absolutely worse and, in his words, the “dumbest” entry of them all.

transformers 5 reviews
Actor Mark Wahlberg joined the ‘Transformers’ franchise with ‘The Age of Extinction’ in 2014. [Image by Tim P. Whibley/Stringer/Getty Images]

“You would think that after five attempts, Michael Bay would eventually figure out how to make a coherent Transformers movie,” Singer says, “[but] apparently not.”

“I challenge anyone, including this film’s four writers, to explain the story of Transformers: The Last Knight, how the characters get from point A to point B, and why any of it matters. I maintain that it cannot be done. Either this movie is dumb or I am.”

Be that as it may, Bay confirmed earlier this week in an interview with Fandango that The Last Knight is indeed his final act when it comes to the Transformers film franchise.

“I’ve done it enough, and I’ve had a great time doing it,” the director said.

“I’m going out with a bang on this one, and I feel like you gotta go out while you’re ahead, you know. I think I’ve had a good run, and I’ve got a lot of other movies I want to do.”

Bay has yet to seemingly comment on the negative Transformer 5 movie reviews. The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 21.

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