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‘Dance Moms’ Star Chloe Lukasiak Subtly Disses Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler Calls Show ‘The Worst’

Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler are two of the lead dancers in the Lifetime reality series, Dance Moms. While these two have already forged their own paths in different careers, many fans still remember them from their early days on the show. What do they have to say about the show?

Dance Moms Season 8 will be seeing the return of former ALDC member, Chloe Lukasiak, reports Seventeen. Lukasiak explained her reason for returning to the show following her exit on Season 4 and described her new dance mentor, Cheryl Burke.

According to Lukasiak, she and her mom decided to give Dance Moms Season 8 another try after she appeared on one episode of the show on Season 7. Lukasiak also said that Burke was just as competitive as her former dance coach, Abby Lee Miller, but Burke was a lot different from her.

“She’s pretty competitive, but she really cares about us.”

This was taken as Lukasiak’s subtle diss at Miller, who was often viewed as being toxic and unfair towards her students. It is believed that Miller’s unfair treatment favoring Maddie Ziegler over Lukasiak and the other students is what led to Lukasiak’s decision to leave Dance Moms.

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Lukasiak admitted that she did not expect that she would be given the chance to return to Dance Moms because she didn’t leave the show on good terms. Luckily, a lot of changes are taking place on Season 8, which Lukasiak said were good for all of them, especially now that Miller has officially left the show.

Her former best friend, Maddie Ziegler, has also seemingly taken a jab at Dance Moms during an interview with Just Jared. In the publication’s new feature, Ziegler, who became a household name because of the Lifetime reality series, slammed the show and called it “the worst” during a game of World Play.

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Many fans were quite disappointed with Ziegler’s response in the game, with others saying that fame has already gotten in her head despite the fact that the show helped propel her to stardom. Other fans, however, believe that Ziegler was simply speaking the truth, especially because Dance Moms has always brought out the worst in everyone, sparking drama and controversy in each and every episode.

It can be recalled that Miller would often let Ziegler and Lukasiak compete against each other. Many fans believe that this has driven a wedge in their friendship, which might explain why Ziegler and Lukasiak are no longer as close as they were after they left Dance Moms.

Do you think Chloe Lukasiak was subtly dissing Abby Lee Miller? What do you think of Maddie Ziegler’s answer that Dance Moms was “the worst?”

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