OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

OnePlus 5 Vs Galaxy S8: Will The Samsung Flagship Finally Bow Down?

The OnePlus 5 is finally here, bringing top-of-the-line specs and an ergonomic design. The flagship is poised to be a serious contender in the high-end smartphones space, which means it is directly challenging the Samsung Galaxy S8 to a game it does so well. So, how does it hold up against the current Android king?

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs

The Galaxy S8 debuted the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the most powerful chip today. To compete, OnePlus equipped the same chipset on its latest flagship and paired it with 6GB or 8GB RAM. With this combination, the smoothness and speed of OnePlus 5 is apparent, with The Guardian noting that it performs well or even better than other flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 does not fall short in this regard, packing 4GB of RAM that is fairly enough for the smartphone. It is quite the powerhouse and the OnePlus 5 is a beast for being able to keep up with it.

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Camera

The OnePlus 5’s pride may be its dual cameras with a 16-megapixel lens as the primary supported by a 20-megapixel lens. The effect is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus’ set-up, offering up to 2x lossless zoom and bokeh effect. This all sounds nice on paper, but the flagship still cannot beat other cameras with a single camera.

Even the Google Pixel released last year bests the OnePlus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 in image quality. The best smartphone camera still goes to HTC U 11 according to a number of reviews, but the Chinese flagship is not that far behind.

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Design

The Galaxy S8 may be the most beautiful smartphone ever made and that does not change with the arrival of the OnePlus 5. In this department, OnePlus’ latest flagship is lacking mainly because of the home button. There’s nothing that makes it stands out, especially when placed next to the bezel-less 3D display of the Samsung smartphone.

The rear of the OnePlus 5, though, can be compared to the iPhone 7 Plus in that it looks exactly like Apple’s. The antenna line, dual-camera set-up, and even the logo placement are too similar to the iPhone that it has received some backlash over OnePlus’ design choices.

But without comparing it to the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 Plus, the OnePlus 5 is actually designed quite well. Its look and feel is top-notch, maybe just not in 2017.

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Price

This is where the winner is obvious. With first-rate specs, a great camera, and a fine look, the 6GB RAM/64GB storage OnePlus 5 variant is a steal with a $479 price tag. The 8GB/128GB variant, on the other hand, sells for a cool $539, according to TechRadar. With such low prices, OnePlus 5 presents a really strong case against the Galaxy S8’s $700 and up.

[Featured Image by Esa Riutta/Shutterstock]