Ivanka calls for tolerance after London shooting

Ivanka Calls For Tolerance As Chelsea Handler Suggests She Put Trump In A Nursing Home

Say what you will about Donald Trump, one thing is certain — a nursing home is most likely the last place the energetic 71-year-old would be. If Chelsea Handler had her way, however, that’s exactly where you’d find the president. Chelsea Handler suggested Ivanka place her father in a nursing home and walk away, as reported by The Daily Beast. Handler has drawn criticism from Trump supporters for her comments made on her Netflix series regarding Ivanka and praise from his critics. You may see a clip from the show Chelsea where she addresses Ivanka Trump and calls her out on many issues below. Be forewarned, the clip contains many expletives and some viewers may find it offensive.

While Chelsea Handler has unsuccessfully tried to convince Ivanka Trump to speak to her father on behalf of all liberal causes, Ivanka has called for tolerance across her social media networks, as CNN reported. Ivanka took to Twitter and Facebook to speak about unity regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or religion. She also made remarks to Fox and Friends about the level of hostility she’s experienced since her father entered the Oval Office. You may see the video of Ivanka Trump speaking to Fox and Friends along with her tweets urging tolerance below.

Warning: The following video contains graphic and offensive language.

What do you think about Ivanka Trump’s call for tolerance and Chelsea Handler’s call to Ivanka to put her father in check? Do you agree with Chelsea Handler and feel that Ivanka is letting the nation down by not speaking to her father directly? Many talk show hosts and comedians are under fire by conservatives for their continual bashing of President Trump, while those on the left feel that it is the responsibility of those who speak directly to the nation to be a voice for the people.

Where do you fit in the argument? Do you side with Chelsea or Ivanka? Do you think President Trump belongs in a nursing home? What do you think about Chelsea Handler’s expletive-filled delivery? Do you find it funny or offensive?

Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions in the section below.

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