Maria Kanellis Reveals Why She Has Heat With The Bella Twins

Maria Kanellis Reveals Troubled Past With The Bella Twins, Still Heat Between Her And Nikki Bella?

At WWE Money in the Bank, Maria Kanellis made her WWE return along with her husband Mike Bennett, who will be wrestling under the name of Mike Kanellis. Their introduction was brief, but “The First Couple of WWE” have made quite an impression on the WWE Universe already. Maria and Mike Kanellis will have time on SmackDown Live to get acquainted with the WWE Universe, but many people already know Maria.

The WWE Universe is still familiar with Maria Kanellis from her last run with the company. Even if they did not keep tabs on her outside of WWE, the fans have welcomed her back. However, not everyone is expected to be as welcoming to her backstage. It’s been reported that Maria has a history with The Bella Twins. In a past interview with Bleacher Report, Kanellis revealed the reason why she has some heat with Nikki Bella.

“Me and Dolph Ziggler were very close friends. We have been for a long time before the twins ever arrived and one time I was dancing with Dolph at a party we were at and I was dancing with him. I was dancing with the girls. I was dancing with the other people that were there. All of a sudden when I’m dancing with Dolph, I get a tap on the shoulder and it’s Nikki Bella going, ‘what are you doing?’ And I said, ‘uh, dancing with my friend?’ And she’s like, ‘oh, he’s with me.’ I said ‘okaaaay, sure.'”

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Aside from that story, “The First Lady of WWE” hasn’t always had flattering things to say about Nikki Bella and her sister. According to her, Nikki reached out to her in the past to clear the air or touch base regarding saying things about each other in public. It’s also been reported that The Bella Twins were blocking a WWE return for Maria Kanellis for several years, so having her back with the company is extremely interesting.

On paper, this is the kind of tension that could be used on WWE television. Nikki Bella hasn’t been featured since WrestleMania 33, but her return to SmackDown Live is only a matter of time. Maria isn’t signed to an active wrestler deal. However, Bella vs. Kanellis could be a great rivalry, especially if Mike Bennett can get a rub from John Cena as well. Creatively, that is just one of the many possible storylines WWE fans could see.

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WWE officials signed Maria and Mike Kanellis because they knew their dynamic was something unique, and it could be utilized on WWE television. On paper, the married couple is expected to become an attraction for the company. The WWE Universe has only had a preview of what is to come for Maria and Mike Kanellis.

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