New Philando Castile Video: NRA Quiet As Jeronimo Yanez's 28-Page Report Speaks Of African-Americans [Graphic]

New Philando Castile Video: NRA Quiet As Jeronimo Yanez’s 28-Page Report Speaks On The Incident [Graphic]

The newly released dashcam video of what happened when Jeronimo Yanez shot Philando Castile can be seen below, and the graphic video is reverberating throughout social media. As reported by the Inquisitr, Yanez was acquitted on all counts in the shooting, wherein Jeronimo fired seven rounds into the car with Castile, Diamond Reynolds, and a young girl in the back seat. Now the new video shows just how quickly Philando was killed after Yanez approached the car with Castile inside.

The video, titled “Squad dashcam video – Yanez case (WARNING: Graphic content),” is currently the No. 1 video on YouTube’s Trending list, with more than 477,000 views. Meanwhile the 28-page report of Yanez’s thoughts gathered in an interview after he shot Philando describe Yanez following the car for miles prior to pulling Philando over, looking for an excuse to stop Castile, since Yanez thought Philando and Diamond might have been the two African-American males that robbed a convenience store the previous week, even though Diamond is a female.

“I get behind the vehicle to see if I can see any uh violations…”

Warning: The following video is graphic and disturbing.

Yanez went on to describe his “kinda slow” night before spotting Castile in a white car, and claiming that Philando’s long hair matched one of the descriptions of the African-American robbery suspects in Yanez’s mind. Yanez said he thought Castile matched the description, and that he couldn’t tell if Diamond was a man or a woman.

“I was sitting at a intersection and I see a white vehicle. I can’t remember what kind of vehicle it was…but I see two occupants. What I believed was two occupants inside the car. And I couldn’t make out the passenger. But I knew the passenger had a hat on. And I couldn’t make out if it was a guy or girl just knew that they were both African American and the driver uh appeared to me that he appeared to match the uh physical description of the one of our suspects from the strong arm robbery, gunpoint.”

Yanez admitted he wasn’t sure what type of hair the robbery suspects had.

“Or longer hair around shoulder length. And, it wasn’t specified if it was corn rows or dreadlocks or straight hair. And then just kind of distinct facial features with like, a kind of like a wide set nose and uh I saw that the driver of the vehicle.”

Despite his doubts, Yanez spoke of smelling marijuana and claimed that Philando was “canting” his shoulders and claimed that Castile reached for what he assumed was the gun that Philando had just told the officer he had on his person. However, Yanez reported that he’d convinced himself that Philando was the robbery suspect and that Castile was going to kill him.

“…He’s gonna shoot you, he’s gonna kill you. This is your, suspect from the robbery. And uh I let off the round…”

Yanez went on to call Philando’s body language one that appeared to be defensive in his opinion, with Yanez saying Castile might have thought he had once again been pulled over “for no reason.” However, the report clarifies that the tail light issue wasn’t the real reason Yanez made the traffic stop.

“But really the, the issue that started this is he fit the description of an individual that had been in an armed robbery.”

Yanez went on to report an incident three years prior to Castile’s shooting in which someone Yanez arrested attempted to take the officer’s firearm, but Yanez was able to fight him and not shoot him to death like he did in Philando’s case.

“And then I was also involved in a critical incident about 3 years ago where uh person that we arrested uh tried going for my firearm and put his hands on my firearm, tried taking it out of the holster and we ended up fighting with him but we were able to arrest without any… deadly force.”

As reported by Vanity Fair, Trevor Noah criticized the NRA for remaining silent over the death of Philando, with Castile’s permit to carry a gun in Minnesota seen below.

[Featured Image by St. Anthony Police Department/AP Images]