Couple leaves three children a car while that ate a lobster dinner.

Couple Leaves 3 Young Children In A Hot Car To Have A Lobster Dinner, Cops Fear The Kids Are In Danger

Three young children were allegedly forced to stay in a hot car while their parents dined at a restaurant on Father’s Day, Mirror reported.

Business owner, Donald Hadwin claims that a man and his wife enjoyed a lobster meal at his restaurant in Llandudno, Wales, while they forced the three young children to sit in a steaming hot vehicle. Apparently, the couple left their kids pizza to eat in the car.

Hadwin said that one of the children came into the establishment, Seahorse, looking for his parents. However, when he found them and approached his father, he was cursed at and told to go back to the hot car.

“I felt really sorry for the children, he was a big man and liked to intimidate. My dogs wouldn’t have been left in the car, let alone a child, it was neglect.”

The Daily Post revealed that the little boy was only about six years old, barefoot, and had to cross busy, unsafe streets to enter the restaurant.

The waitstaff at Seahorse shared that the little boy was polite when asked to see his mother and father. As he approached his parent’s table, his father yelled obscenities at him.

The couple spent three hours at the restaurant, drinking at least three glasses of wine while the children were forced to wait in the car for them.

The wife allegedly complained that her salmon was uncooked. Mr. Hadwin recalled feeling suspicious that the couple was planning on not paying for their meals. They had salmon, mussels, pate, lobster, and a rack of lamb.

After they had finished eating, the man excused himself to the bathroom. He took longer than usual in the bathroom which caused the wait staff to believe that he might have left the restaurant to avoid paying for his check. He finally came out and complained about the cleanliness. The man then paid for their meals, leaving the waitress a very small tip. He disclosed that he planned to give the restaurant a terrible review.

The man drove off in a car that had expired license tags. The restaurant owner called the police reported the mistreatment of the children and handed over the video he had of the couple forcing their children to sit in the hot car.

“When left alone in a vehicle, young children can very quickly start to get anxious and distressed and there are clear added dangers when temperatures are extremely hot – as has been the case this week. We always advise parents and carers never to leave babies, toddlers and very young children alone – whether in a vehicle or at home. Anyone worried about a child’s immediate well-being should contact the police or seek advice from our NSPCC helpline.”

The police are looking for the couple to talk to them about the events that happened on Father’s day. They believe the children could be in danger and hope to find the family to complete a well-child check.

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