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Otto Warmbier Deserved His Fate, Claims Kim Jong Un’s British Spokesman

The American student, Otto Warmbier, who was just released from North Korea, died on June 19. A Kim Jong Un’s spokesman in U.K. reportedly said Otto deserved the hard labor because his actions against the Korean Peninsula were like “bombing the Buckingham Palace.”

The 22-year-old student was considered a spy and sentenced to 15 years in North Korea’s labor camp. According to released reports, Warmer was sentenced for allegedly attempting to steal a poster during his visit to North Korea. During his one-sided trial, he admitted taking the poster as a trophy in exchange for a used car he would be getting back in the United States.

He was released on June 13 on humanitarian grounds after claims by North Korean authorities that he took sleeping pills and went into a coma for over a year.

When Otto Warmbier was released, his condition sparked a major debate among the world leaders. As soon he arrived in America, he was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. At the medical center, the doctors stated that Otto’s brain scans showed that there was an enormous loss of every single region of his brain.

President Donald Trump condemned the brutal death of youth and stated that his administration would work extra hard to prevent such major tragedies from happening in future.

President Trump’s released statement stated that the recent actions of an American youth would not go unnoticed.

“The United States once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim.”

On the one hand, where there are hundreds of thousands of people mourning the death of Otto Warmbier, there are quite a few Kim Jong un supporters who apparently thinks that the student at the University of Virginia deserved his punishment.

The pro-Pyongyang Korea Friendship Association reportedly stated Warmbier’s crime was as bad as punching the Queen.

Dermot Hudson, the chair of its U.K. branch, also accused Otto of being on the CIA payroll.

Hudson told the Daily Star that the American prisoner went into areas which were prohibited from visiting. According to Hudson, during Warmbier’s alleged trespassing, he also tried to spread the disdain among the Korean people’s unity.

“He was trying to deface a revolutionary slogan symbolizing the Korean people’s unity. So it was seen as trying to subvert that unity. It was an act trying to subvert the socialist system. It’s like trying to bomb Buckingham Palace or punching the Queen, something like that.”

Dermot claimed that Otto was working for the United States intelligence agency, and the American government even paid him and his family very handsomely to do the job.

“I’m sure he was really working for a US intelligence agency and that they’ve paid his family off. You know, compensated them. And of course, his case has been made worse by the US’s hostile policy towards North Korea. That means there can’t be any leniency.”

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