Did Barron Win A Science Award Or Is This Fake News?

Barron Trump Gets Online Applause For Science Award That Is Now Deemed ‘Fake News’?

While Barron Trump is extremely smart, which is something his mom, Melania, shared during an interview a while back, it looks like he did not win the science award that social media is buzzing about. To begin with, it doesn’t even look like there was a science award called “Science Award” for anyone to win.

It seems that the news of Barron winning this prestigious-sounding award, which was published in an article this week, was a report that some people took at face value. Many seemed to miss the red flags that are found when it comes to some of these claims and kudos for the President’s youngest child came from across the nation online. Other websites picked up the article and also reported on this unconfirmed news.

The article that announced Barron getting this award for top honors in a science project originated from the Daily Chronicle. The article also gives quite a few details about the science project that Barron supposedly completed, but it offers rather generic details regarding where this award comes from.

The Daily Chronical describes Barron’s science project as a “brand new project centered around the regulation of thermodynamics in shale rock in the upper peninsula of Lake Porter, Arkansas.” The president of the awards who reportedly bestowed this honor upon Barron is named “Teddy Rusker.”

This Rusker fellow deems Barron the “next great American scientist” in an interview, according to the Daily Chronicle. The article also reports that he calls Barron “the smartest presidential child this country has ever had.” The article would make a grown man proud, never mind an 11-year-old boy. As you read on, your jaw might drop to hear that Barron has already applied to various Ivy League schools. This was all written about a kid who is only 11, and it’s raised many red flags.

Barron Trump Wins Science Award, Or Did He?
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Despite the Daily Chronicle describing their mission as one dedicated to “unbiased and the unvarnished truth,” it seems that the Barron Trump award-winning report was fake, according to Snopes.

The Daily Chronicle also claims it was founded to do battle “against biased and inaccurate mainstream media sources,” but it appears this seemingly fictitious report doesn’t coincide with their mission. Snopes reports that the Daily Chronicle’s lack of detailed information backing up their claims was a big red flag.

The article has Barron Trump winning a science award, but it doesn’t say what science award he won. There is no name of an agency, department, or company associated with this award — just a “science award.” A quick check on the website for the preparatory school that Barron attended makes no mention of any such award or any award winner, reports Snopes. Even the author of the article is written up as someone quite accomplished after graduating “Cum Laude from Harvard with a degree in Business Administration and Summa Cum Laude from Yale Law School.”

Did Barron Trump Really Win A Prestigious Science Award Or Is This Fake News?
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The Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School’s website has a section dedicated to science, but there’s nothing to be found about the prestigious-sounding award that was supposedly won by the young student. This award sounds like a big deal because a check to the tune of $150,000 goes along with this honor for the winner to use to further their education. In Barron’s case, it is to further his education in the “field of Thermodynamics.”

No reference to “Teddy Rusker” or an organization named “Science Award” was found in a search, reports Snopes. While the Daily Chronicle doesn’t offer a disclaimer on their article they do state that “it does not stand by the accuracy of its content,” Snopes reports.

Some folks have taken to the social media sites to pass along their congratulations to the president’s youngest son for this unbelievable accomplishment, which is now being deemed “fake news.” A couple of the posts are seen below. If this is truly fake news, it duped quite a few people, and the majority of them were extremely happy for Barron and the first family.

The comments on the original article suggest that many were excited and thrilled for Barron. The readers were led to believe this was an award that Barron Trump won and many were proud of the first son’s major accomplishment.

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