Jeremy Vuolo Calls Catholicism 'Pagan,' Jinger Duggar's Husband Slammed By Fans

Jeremy Vuolo Calls Catholicism ‘Pagan,’ Jinger Duggar’s Husband Slammed By Fans

Jeremy Vuolo is under fire over a sermon he gave recently. Jinger Duggar’s husband has been a controversial figure since their courtship began over a year ago. He was dubbed a “wild child,” admitting that his life was less than Christ-like before he came into his faith. Duggar and Vuolo have been the cause of some controversy among fans and followers of their sect of Christianity over him allowing her to wear pants. The couple moved to Texas after being married last November, and he is the pastor of a church where they reside.

The latest controversy Jeremy Vuolo stirred up comes from his sermon in which he slammed Catholicism. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Vuolo called the religion “pagan” and went off about their beliefs. It is available to be watched on the popular site, Youtube, but the embedding feature has been turned off. Jinger Duggar has been supportive of her husband through and through. This latest bump in the road is just one of many the Duggar family has had with slamming other religions. In fact, the family has been criticized regarding their own beliefs as well. Currently, Vuolo and Derick Dillard are involved in a reported feud stemming from the former slamming the latter about mission choices. While it hasn’t been confirmed by the family, it seems the in-laws have more problems than they would like to admit.

Being a pastor is a huge responsibility, and Jeremy Vuolo is more modern than some anticipated. He has been relaxed with his rules for Jinger Duggar, which has surprised some fans. In fact, when photos of her wearing pants were shown, the uproar was incredible. Right now, Duggar fans are going off about Vuolo and his comments regarding Catholicism and what the religion entails. Jeremy used words like “demonic” and “pagan” to describe it, and while it seemed like it could be personal, it was still a powerful rant.

I love getting to know this man of God! ???? – Jinger

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Ben Seewald has been a controversial figure linked to the Duggar family, also making comments about the Catholic religion a few years ago. It seems that Jeremy Vuolo and his brother-in-law see life much in the same way. There has been some talk about why they married into such a religious family if they feel the way they do about other faiths. Seewald is used to the controversy his comments bring, and Jeremy Vuolo is about to learn just how crazy things can be when you live in the spotlight of the Duggar family.

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