Sean Spicer Fired

Sean Spicer Fired? Off-Camera White House Press Conference Briefings Bring Out ‘SNL’ Memes On Twitter

Has Sean Spicer been fired? That’s what those searching for “Spicer fired,” as suggested by Twitter’s search engine, want to know. After all, the White House press secretary who is Sean has provided plenty of fodder over the previous months, with Spicer even gaining an SNL counterpart. As reported by the Inquisitr, Spicer has claimed Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons, left reporters screaming “Sean!” as Spicer tweeted photos of walls, hidden among bushes and commanded journalists turn off camera lights, and spoken in recent press briefings where audio and video have been banned, leaving reporters like Jim Acosta outraged and tweeting photos of his own new socks instead of Spicer’s face.

As reported by Click2Houston, Spicer’s days at the podium might be numbered, with the White House proclaiming that Sean might receive a new role in the West Wing, without proclaiming that Spicer was fired from his prominent role in front of the press. It’s not clear what Spicer’s new role in the White House will be, but Sean is looking for his own replacement, reports AOL. The White House communications role could soon feature a new face at the podium for SNL to mock if the White House decides to allow video and audio recordings of the press briefings ever again.

Although Spicer is getting plenty of ribbing and memes showing President Donald Trump telling Sean that he is fired, it’s not all Spicer’s fault, reports U.S. News and World Report. The publication notes that Spicer, or any other communications director for that matter, reflects the style of the president. With President Trump declaring war on the media, any person Mr. Trump puts in front of a camera to speak his thoughts and words might likely be combative or have a problem with the press.

In the meantime, Twitter rolls on with endless memes about Spicer potentially being fired. Melissa McCarthy’s version of Spicer from SNL has been resurrected via social media, along with theories that claimed that First Lady Melania Trump allegedly didn’t like the way Spicer was speaking for President Trump, with feelings that perhaps Spicer didn’t defend Mr. Trump strongly enough. Even reporters felt sorry when Spicer, a devout Catholic, missed meeting Pope Francis overseas, as reported by the New York Daily News.

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