Mariah Carey reportedly is dating Drake to get "sweet revenge" on Jennifer Lopez.

Mariah Carey Reportedly Wants To Date Drake To Get ‘Sweet Revenge’ On Jennifer Lopez

In the world of celebrity dating, motivations for going out on the town aren’t always linked to love. Ever since her divorce from Nick Cannon and engagement to James Packer, which was followed by a split shocker, Mariah Carey has faced rumors about whom she’s dating and why she’s chosen those partners. In the new round of Mariah’s dating game, she reportedly has her eyes on Drake. However, the alleged reasons for Carey picking Drake as a possible dating partner aren’t exactly based on traditional flowery romance.

Asking “Bryan Tanaka, who?” in describing the situation, Celebrity Insider reported that Mariah has more than just a casual interest in Drake. Carey reportedly is attempting to hook up with the rapper for two reasons: She thinks that he’s adorable, and she also allegedly “loves the idea that she will make her nemesis, Jennifer Lopez, angry,” providing Mariah with “sweet revenge,” according to the publication.

Even though Mariah reportedly recently reunited with her boy toy Tanaka, Carey allegedly is also eyeing Drake. The songstress reportedly has been busy communicating via “secret messages” to Drake. So the subject of those alleged secret messages? They’re reportedly all about “making sweet music together.”

But the rumors about Drake and Mariah go beyond mere messages. The two also have allegedly been flirting and even gone on a date together.

Rumors are swirling that Mariah Carey is dating Drake.
Rumors are swirling that Mariah Carey is dating Drake. [Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for TOSHIBA CORPORATION]

Mariah reportedly would like to date Drake because he’s got the qualifications that she likes in a man: “Young, handsome and a big fan of fun.” An insider quoted by the publication revealed that Carey and the rapper have already taken their relationship beyond just secret messages.

“Rumors [are] whirling the two are secretly dating. Mariah has been texting Drake.”

In addition to revealing why Carey reportedly chose the Canadian singer as her dating interest, the source described how Drake reportedly responded. Although the rapper was “a little surprised by the sudden attention,” he “was more than ready to show her a good time,” claimed the insider.

As for the details of their date, the source revealed that Mariah and Drake enjoyed a “romantic dinner” in California, with “sparks flying. ” Earning a spot on the Possible Hot New Couple Alert List, the duo also reportedly met for drinks in Los Angeles recently, added the insider.

“Friends say they were flirting up a storm.”

Although Carey and her possible new boyfriend reportedly exited separately, they have stayed in touch ever since their drink date, according to the source.

“While they did not leave together, the two have been definitely texting and calling each other since,” said the insider.

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly been feuding for years.
Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly been feuding for years. [Image by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]

Although that sounds like the start of a promising sweet romance, there’s also a sour side, with speculation that Mariah is “seducing Drake to spite her longtime enemy,” Jennifer Lopez, according to the publication. Carey and Lopez reportedly have been involved in a feud for years. Because Jennifer recently was rumored to be dating Drake, Mariah allegedly thinks it’s “hilarious” for her to catch Drake on the rebound, added the source.

“No doubt Mariah loves the idea of getting one up on her long-time rival Jennifer Lopez.”

Carey reportedly has begun to show up at Drake’s favorite hangout, Catch in Los Angeles, hoping to “randomly” encounter Drake, according to the insider.

So where does this leave Tanaka? A source quoted by the publication claimed that Mariah has been paying for his trips, car payments, and other bills.

“Mariah pays for everything when they are together, plus she is having his rent checks and utility bills taken care of as well as his car payments,” said the insider. “She even finds a way to sign him bonus checks for his dance work, which is ridiculous because in some cases he is being paid for old work several times over.”

However, the source also claimed that Carey wasn’t truly in love with Tanaka. Instead, Mariah allegedly dated him only as a way to “get back” at Nick Cannon and make Nick jealous.

It’s not known exactly how Jennifer Lopez feels about the allegation that Carey is testing the dating waters with Drake as a way to get “sweet revenge” on JLo. However, it is known that rumors of a feud between Jennifer and Mariah have existed for years.

Listing the top 12 biggest pop star feuds of all time, Cosmopolitan put Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez in second place. Their feud began in the early 2000s when an interviewer questioned Mariah about some of her peers.

But when Carey was questioned about supposed fellow diva Jennifer, she dismissed Lopez.

“I don’t know her,” claimed Mariah, jump-starting the feud.

Two years ago, Jennifer was seen returning the shade by texting during Carey’s Billboard Music Awards performance. Lopez subsequently told Wendy Williams that Mariah is “forgetful,” to which Carey had the perfect clap-back.

“I still don’t know her.”

Andy Cohen recently dared to ask Mariah about Jennifer again, and Carey clarified that she doesn’t “know” JLo in the same way that she “knows” folks like Andy. Sounds like the feud is still alive and well.

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