'Wife Swap' family murders is even more grisly as previously thought as TMZ reports Jason Stockdale allegedly murdered his mother and brother with a shotgun.

‘Wife Swap’ Family Murders: Jacob Stockdale Allegedly Used Shotgun To Kill Mother And Brother

Wife Swap family murders suspect Jacob Stockdale used a shotgun to kill his mother and brother, shooting them in the head, according to police officers handling the case.

Law enforcement officers reportedly told TMZ that Jacob shot his mother Kathryn in the head twice with a 20-gauge shotgun before leaving her body in the upstairs bathroom of their Ohio home. He then shot his brother James in the head near the front door before attempting to blow his head off about 10 feet from his brother’s body.

Wife Swap family murders suspect injured but alive

Despite having shot himself in the face, Jacob Stockdale miraculously survived. According to sources, he was trying to communicate with cops when they arrived at the scene of the double homicide, but given Jacob’s condition at the time, they were unable to understand him. He was last listed in critical condition after being taken to a hospital via emergency chopper.

Jacob Stockdale’s father was not home when the double murders occurred. The cops broke the news to him less than a mile from his home on his way back from work.

The Stockdale family was featured on reality show Wife Swap in 2008 on account of their strict Christian upbringing, with the show’s producers banking on the premise that tensions and conflicts may arise as soon as the children are exposed to a more lenient and forgiving parenting style. The parenting style typically used in the Stockdale household is such that doing typically harmless activities such as dating, listening to pop music, and watching television are not allowed.

Wife Swap family murders: Jacob’s “second” mother shocked but not surprised by the incident

Laurie Tonkovic, the woman who swapped with the Stockdales for the show Wife Swap years ago, said the Stockdale family was headed for trouble on account of the strict parenting style used in the household.

Laurie recalled an incident when she lifted the restrictions on Jacob Stockdale and his three brothers in her capacity as substitute mom, as reported by the Inquisitr. After indulging himself with the freedom granted to him, Jacob freaked out, fearing his parents would get mad at him and would “burn in hell,” said Tonkovic.

In the wake of the Stockdale family murders, Tonkovic speculates that Jacob may have had enough of the strict upbringing and snapped on his family as a result.

The double homicide case is even made more shocking to the community on account of the fact that the Stockdales’ bluegrass band recently performed on Tuesday, June 13, just three days before the murders happened. The Stockdale Family band had other performances lined up for the summer before the Wife Swap family murders happened.

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