Roman Reigns Announcement

Roman Reigns Announcement News: WWE’s Big Dog Says He Cant Be Beaten ‘One On One,’ Loses To Samoa Joe

WWE superstar Roman Reigns has spent the last week teasing a huge announcement for last night’s Monday Night Raw. Reigns has been somewhat quiet since he retired The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. With Braun Strowman injured, Reigns was suddenly left without a story line. The WWE network had been building a feud between Reigns and Strowman, and it looked like that was building all the way to SummerSlam. Reigns has been telling the WWE Universe that they may not like his announcement, but nonetheless, Reigns showed up on Monday Night Raw to make not one, but two big announcements.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar showed up at WrestleMania 33 to claim that title from Goldberg. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Lesnar then disappeared and has not competed in WWE wrestling since. Lesnar has failed to make a defense of his title within the WWE’s supposedly mandatory 30-day defense rule. Fans will remember that women’s champion Naomi was stripped of her title just before WrestleMania, but Lesnar has been allowed to retain his title during his absence.

WWE Extreme Rules saw Samoa Joe win a “fatal five-way” clash to win the right to challenge Lesnar at the upcoming Great Balls Of Fire PPV. It was perhaps inevitable that Roman Reigns’ big announcement would involve both Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar, but the Big Dog also hit us with a surprise.

Roman Reigns Samoa Joe
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Roman Reigns Announcement, What Did He Say?

As reported by Cageside Seats, Reigns showed up on Monday Night Raw to tell the WWE Universe that he was the No. 1 contender for Lesnar’s Universal championship Reigns says he doesn’t care who holds the Universal title after Great Balls Of Fire, he is coming for the winner. Reigns went on to say that he can’t be beaten in a one-on-one match and that the red team was “his yard.”

“Let’s not forget, I main evented my third WrestleMania in a row. That’s where I retired The Undertaker. I respect him, and he respects me because I beat him.

“At SummerSlam, I’m the number one contender for the Universal championship. Would you like to know why? Because this is my yard, and I make the rules around here.”

Reigns was throwing some shade at Samoa Joe, saying that he should only be known as “Joe,” when his fellow Samoan interrupted him. That cued up an in-ring dust up that served as a prelude to a match between Reigns and Samoa Joe later in the evening. As reported on the official WWE website, Samoa Joe got the better of Reigns with a little help from Braun Strowman.

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As reported in Bleacher Report, Strowman returned to Monday Night Raw by bursting out of an ambulance. Samoa Joe took advantage of Reigns being distracted, putting him to sleep with a Coquina Clutch. Strowman entered the ring, hit Reigns with a choke slam, and set up an “Ambulance Challenge match” at Great Balls Of Fire.

Strowman’s return was certainly unexpected, the Monster Among Men was reportedly out for six months, following surgery on his elbow. The return of both Strowman and Reigns reignites their feud and breathes some fresh life into Monday Night Raw. Many would argue that Lesnar’s absence from Raw has hurt the network’s number since WrestleMania. Fans want to see title belts being competed for, and Lesnar’s absence has denied them that.

The return of Strowman, Reigns, and Lesnar will give the red team a huge boost as they build towards SummerSlam.

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