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Pizza Bath Bombs Are Breaking The Internet

Pizza. There’s no denying its gooey cheese goodness. The question is – do you love pizza enough to take a bubble bath with it? And, we are not talking about grabbing a gooey slice of pepperoni pizza to enjoy while soaking up the suds. We are talking about slipping that delicious piece of pizza into the bath and letting it soak up the suds with you.

According to Yahoo News, pizza bath bombs exist and it is possible they are breaking the internet.

Bathesda Boutique is the name of an online boutique on a website called Etsy that has just created pizza bath bombs. Basically, the boutique designed a bath bomb that looks exactly like a delicious slice of pepperoni. It isn’t, however, just the fact that this intriguing pizza-themed bath bomb looks like a piece of pizza that is believed to be breaking the internet. It is the fact that it also smells like a gooey piece of pepperoni pizza too.

If you didn’t think a bath bomb that looks and smells like pepperoni pizza wasn’t attention grabbing enough, this pizza-themed bath bomb will fizz out an entire rainbow of colors after it hits the water. In fact, the Bathesda Boutique was kind enough to share a video of how this delicious bath bomb looks when it hits the water on Instagram. You can check it out below and see what you think.

PIZZA DEMO!!! Will be up in the shop soon! ????????????

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For the most part, the internet appears to have pretty mixed feelings regarding whether or not a pizza bath bomb is a good thing. While most of those who have left comments on the demo video have acknowledged how cool of an idea this bath bomb is, many agree that they don’t really want to take a bath only to be left smelling like pizza.

Soooo tempting… ???????????? DEMO TOMORROW!!!

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There were, however, many who were over the moon with excitement about this strange pizza-themed bath bomb stating that they can’t wait to purchase one to try it themselves. In the comments of the video on Instagram, the boutique did acknowledge that the pizza scent wasn’t for everyone. One individual even left a comment saying that the creation of this bath bomb was a “dream come true.”

Pink and blue bath bomb fizzing out in the water
Pink and blue bath bomb fizzing out in the water. [Image by MACVON/ShutterStock]

The real question is – what do you think about the pizza bath bomb? Do you want to have a pizza-scented bubble bath? Let us know in the comments down below!

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