Baron Corbin Won the Money in the Bank This weekend

Huge Details Regarding Baron Corbin’s Run With ‘Money In The Bank’ Briefcase Revealed

Many WWE fans expected his win, but Baron Corbin became Mr. Money in the Bank at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV on Sunday. Based on the statistics, Corbin has an 88 percent chance of becoming a WWE Champion. The Lone Wolf is coming off the biggest victory of his early WWE career, but winning the Money in the Bank briefcase is essentially a career maker because it says that WWE officials really like you.

Until he cashes in the briefcase, Baron Corbin will have eyes on him until he becomes the WWE Champion or becomes only the third person to fail with the Money in the Bank contract. From this point forward, each match and segment Corbin has will be a test of his ascension to becoming a top guy on SmackDown Live. It is a fact he is more than aware of because Baron said the following during a recent interview with ESPN.

“History shows that anybody who gets their hands on the briefcase becomes WWE champion, and so I have no doubts in my mind that that’s next for me. That’s the next step in my career, and this briefcase is going to help achieve that, and nobody’s going to take that away from me.”

Baron Corbin Wont Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase For a Long Time
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Baron Corbin is enjoying the moment, and the WWE Universe is coming to terms with the idea of The Lone Wolf holding the richest prize in the industry. However, no one should expect Corbin to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase anytime soon. As of this writing, Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion. He’s amidst a huge heel run here in the United States and a strong babyface run in India as SmackDown Live’s champion.

It’s being reported that Baron Corbin is extremely unlikely to use the briefcase until after a babyface defeats Mahal down the line. Mahal’s WWE Title reign is expected to last for quite some time, but the biggest threat to his reign is John Cena. On paper, if Mahal drops the WWE Title to Cena over the next few months, WWE fans should expect a huge cash in from Baron Corbin shortly after, which will likely lead to a major rivalry.

Baron Corbin Wont Cash in Until Jinder Mahal Steps Aside
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However, WWE officials could have Jinder Mahal defeat John Cena at WWE Summerslam or afterward as a way to establish him as a true main event star. If that’s the case, Baron Corbin will continue to wait until the powers that be finally take the WWE Championship off Mahal. Sooner or later, Corbin will cash in on a top babyface, but he has plenty of time to establish himself as a main event star before cashing in the briefcase.

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