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The Miz Creates A Brand New Heel Stable On Monday Nights With Two Third Generation Superstars

One of the main things that WWE has been severely lacking as of late are stables, but leave it to someone such as The Miz to put one together out of nowhere. For months, The Miz has been feuding with Dean Ambrose who has been getting the better of him lately, and the Intercontinental Champion could really use some back-up. Tonight on Monday Night Raw, he found a couple of third generation superstars who have joined up with him to form a brand new heel stable.

Since winning back the Intercontinental Title, The Miz has had to deal with sneak attacks from Ambrose who dressed up as a camera guy, teddy bear, and other things. Tonight, Maryse was a guest on an edition of Miz TV and the champ had a few teddy bears to help him out, as recapped by the official website of WWE.

As the segment went on, it brought out Dean Ambrose who tried to ruin things again, but he ended up being attacked by the life-size teddy bears. After beating him down, the bears unmasked to reveal themselves to be none other than Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

It looks like The Miz has found his “Entourage.”

A lot of people may not realize this, but these three Monday Night Raw superstars have a bit of a past together already. The Marine 5: Battleground was just released on home video in April and it is a movie which stars The Miz and co-stars Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel along with a couple of other WWE superstars.

Earlier in the night on Raw, Curtis Axel was backstage attempting to ease things for Bo Dallas who had just lost to Finn Balor. That is when The Miz came in and talked about them being “tougher” on the set of The Marine 5 and wanted them to join him and become his entourage.

The Miz promised to turn them into stars in WWE and have their historic wrestling families become proud of them. He wanted to give them time to think about it and he left them in the locker room.

Later on, it is obvious that Dallas and Axel had time to think about the offer made by The Miz as the three heels stood tall together on Raw.

WWE needs more stables and this new “Entourage” could hopefully start more of them to develop on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. One of the greatest things about the old days and Attitude Era of WWF/WWE was seeing a number of stables and factions partnering unlikely allies. That is exactly what happened tonight when The Miz joined forced with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to rise up against Dean Ambrose.

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